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妖精帝國 (Yousei Teikoku, alternatively Yosei Teikoku and sometimes Das Feenreich, literally Fairy Empire) are a four member Japanese band. Part of Team Fairithm, the band previously consisted of just vocalist and lyricist Yui with guitarist and composer Takaha Tachibana. The band has since included bass player Nanami and drummer Relu to their line up.

The group have been active since 1996 and have done their rounds around the doujinshi/indies music circuit. Their earliest releases are very hard to find… mehr erfahren



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  • SHADOW CORPS[e] is amazing. These guys consistently impress me.
  • SHADOW CORPS[e] is fantastic.
  • v they are looks so baddass!! New MV so great!
  • [url=]"Shadow Corps" MV[/url]. Well, I'm certainly hyped.
  • Shadow Corps... I feel that will be better than Pax Vesania!
  • [url=]Vote, please <3[/url]
  • Missed out on the anisong world tour. Saw them at AB2013 though. Great show.
  • @LavenderYuki This is a really late reply but... I did the romaji for the album and i don't remember having any problems with alternate kanji readings. I used lyrics found online.
  • Hades:The End had 6 or 7 songs I'd never heard before, with a few older songs. Mostly new though . I don't know anything about a false rip because buy their CDs
  • Does anyone know what the first track on the false rip was? It was mostly instrumental, but there were choir-esque voices. No Yui-sama though. But I really liked it. Yeah, does anyone know what it was?

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