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  • i thought she was an extremely pretty guy :o i like her even more now ^o^
  • Anyone know where I can download some of her music? I'd like to give her a try before I go out and buy it. :3
  • 这边听众不多哎
  • Just ordered my copy of 黑・擇・明
  • [黑·择·明]
  • 大家一起喜洋洋 LOL
  • new pictures:
  • She is Gay \(^o^)/~
  • 大家一起喜洋洋 - forever on repeat right now
  • her song I miss you missing me will be re-record by Leona Lewis:) truly?
  • work on that album faster, bibi~ ♥
  • I think I might have a crush on her...
  • 笔笔o(≧v≦)o~~好棒
  • 笔笔爱你哦^^~
  • She has an amazing voice.
  • added a lot of new pictures!! please vote
  • 喜欢笔笔!!!
  •周笔畅/+images/46858033 new pic she looks gorgeous|!
  • 好爱笔笔!! [2]
  • I listen to her, cause i though she was a boy the first time I saw her and I had a first sight crush on her, now, I'm in love with her voice ! *0*
  • "已播放 19,302 次 ",,莫非是我花眼了?才这么点哎~
  • 笔迷笔迷~~ 挺笔笔~~
  • calls her Bibi Zhou. Should someone edit her profile to include that name?
  • i will love you forever!!
  • 好爱笔笔!!
  • I love BiBi!!!!
  • I like BB,like her voice and her songs---a very studious singer

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