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  • correct it and please vote for redirect to ---> [artist]MONGOL800[/artist] . since they use this name and it's on all covers of their albums also stated as official name on japanese sites.
  • 小さな恋のうた
  • Here because of Strobe Edge -w-
  • Finally, I knew who r they……
  • love love love them !! XD
  • OMG~ luv them...
  • Chiisana Koi No Uta <3
  • えー、いいと思うけどなァ。
  • 一番嫌いなバンドだ。ロックでもパンクでもない。アナーキーさなどなく、薄っぺらいラブソング。耳にはいるたびに嫌な気分になる。
  • Do they also go on tour outside of Japan? Like.. Europe? Germany? [2] Hungary too!?
  • 新曲いいな〜聞いてるとなんだか楽しそうな気分 ><
  • oooh Don't worry oooh be happy ooooh happy sunday ooh its my life
  • あなたに reminds me of such good memories, but it's the only MONGOL800 song I've ever heard. Maybe it's time to look for more?
  • 小さな恋のうた was so perfect for プロポーズ大作戦 <3 [2] I love the scene where they play this song! so wonderful~ <3
  • aku suka 小さな恋のうた
  • wedhus,,, ora iso moco tulisane..,,
  • Do they also go on tour outside of Japan? Like.. Europe? Germany?
  • 小さな恋のうた ♥ [3]
  • OMG!!! 小さな恋のうた <<< Koda Kumi Cover so itttttt
  • 小さな恋のうた ♥ [2]
  • Why is it モンゴル800 and not MONGOL800? Anyway, rocks!!
  • 神様 <3
  • I really like chiisana koi no utta :D
  • 小さな恋のうた was so perfect for プロポーズ大作戦 <3
  • i really like MONPACHI!
  • Little Love Song is amazing
  • haha what the hell, why is the photo totally not mongol800?
  • New album rocks!
  • anyone here knew that the b-side on Aragaki Yui's new single "piece" (release 25/2) is a cover of あなたに? :P
  • please fix this picture!!!>_<
  • バンド写真ちげーーぞ!
  • shouldn't their name be MONGOL800 ?
  • aannnaaaattaaaa niiii
  • their song小さな恋のうた makes me feel tropical, Nipponese tropical. highly recommended!
  • <3 小さな恋の歌 <3
  • honestly, daniel is bad, is too nuch better go on as you are and message.
  • Daniel, Great new album! Really likin' Face to Face and Bonnou No Burusu.
  • Vote yes! for the image!

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