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  • Avatar für kittyeth
    please, vote for the correct track name -> リブラ [3]
  • Avatar für geunommi
    please, vote for the correct track name -> リブラ
  • Avatar für BrinchenBlue
    Omg this is awesome!
  • Avatar für Marucchi3
    For me it's the best song ot theirs and also best j-rock song (but I don't listen to this genre a lot, though)
  • Avatar für aoitori-
    please, vote for the correct track name -> リブラ
  • Avatar für meeeeeranchoria
    My favorite MUCC song.
  • Avatar für Ket-sueki
    what version of libra is this? it isnt the original
  • Avatar für Ahryde
    lucky :(
  • Avatar für dewdroppoint
    Saw Mucc LIVE playing this song. I Love MUCC
  • Avatar für dandie333aigon
    Make a song called Gemini please (OnO) xD hehehe
  • Avatar für shadowsun86
    I'm definitely gonna have to learn Japanese someday i love this song
  • Avatar für Danny_heroin
    I'm a Libra, that makes this my song [3]
  • Avatar für spade888
    who said only africans could rap? these guys are so versatile!
  • Avatar für sky_neverending
  • Avatar für nelzelpher1993
    This is nice.
  • Avatar für patriszoja
  • Avatar für BaroqueWolf
    It seems that this track is a little mislabeled, this is the Best Hold It remix of Libra. Anyway, I love both versions of the song.
  • Avatar für DunkleEngle
    They sound like...*listens* dare I say it? SEX! EARSEX!
  • Avatar für AurorasKiss
    I love this.
  • Avatar für gonfreec
    i say it good but this is awesome!
  • Avatar für izanagiblakwolf
    this is AWESOME!! like a bit of jap rap along with some darkish metal and other parts of rock! wow :O
  • Avatar für Aya144
  • Avatar für PokeBaal
    I'm a Libra, that makes this my song [2]
  • Avatar für Lenighma
    ...Holy love...This!!! I LOVE IT!
  • Avatar für BentoBug
    ♥ this song!
  • Avatar für FoolyCooly91
    awesome song me likey lol
  • Avatar für pedsay
    awesome feel.
  • Avatar für xzombie1x
  • Avatar für LoverOfLMC
    Wow, this sounds really awesome :D
  • Avatar für KiraInLove
    fantastic *___*
  • Avatar für MusikMtsJoy
    i love the guitar and bass!!
  • Avatar für pedsay
    I'm a Libra, that makes this my song....jk
  • Avatar für PannaOna
    great sound.
  • Avatar für ChaoticGarden
    Love love love this song. One of the best concerts I've ever been to was MUCC in NYC Dec. 2008
  • Avatar für rashin-sama
    Breath taking! I love this band very deeply!
  • Avatar für bleachgeek4973
  • Avatar für PhoenixMCH
    hot drums! this is a great heavy rythm, i love it! : >
  • Avatar für nodacanta
    I LOVE THIS SONG!! ムック is such a great band! Every time I see them in concert, this song makes everybody jump, sing, dance...everything. I hope to see them again soon!!! ^^ At the FOOL's FEST concert last month, ムック made the crowd go wild. So much fun. Thanks, ムック! ♥
  • Avatar für axelyamagi
    Pretty cool song to bad over here in California there hardly any J-rock band cds.
  • Avatar für Yukino328
  • Avatar für Lenighma
    This is...haunting. Awesome.
  • Avatar für Falaroy
    i love this song <3
  • Avatar für xthexdeadxonex
    Love this song!
  • Avatar für jfrazi
    loving it.
  • Avatar für MaddieX2010
    I LOVE this track.
  • Avatar für reireishi-kun
    more than excellent просто идеальна * *
  • Avatar für V6lover
    love the guitars, and love the song. mucc is awsome along with miyavi.
  • Avatar für Nouyrinri
    It's a rather... random song, I guess. Love the guitars when he isn't singing. Hate the rest. Well, not hate... Lol. It's a love-hate thing XD
  • Avatar für Emiri_Neko
    [track artist=ムック]リブラ[/track]
  • Avatar für Moloukione
    Best goddamned song out of all from the Shion album, which frankly was quite disappointing as a whole, due to my hopes being sky high for this album.


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