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Nightmare (jap. ナイトメア, Naitomea) ist eine japanische Visual Kei-Band.


Nightmare wurde 2001 in Sendai (Japan) gegründet. Die Gründungsmitglieder waren Hitsugi und Sakito. Später schlossen sich Ruka, der früher bei der Band Luinspear war, Yomi und Ni~ya der Band an.

Anfangs hatten sie einen sehr wilden und ausgefallenen Musikstil, mit welchem sie schnell erste Fans fanden. Ihre ersten Demotapes fanden daher direkt reißenden Absatz. Nach zwei Jahren, in denen sie vier Singles und das Mini-Album Outlaw veröffentlichten, hatte ihr… mehr erfahren



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  • Hey there. For everybody who is interested in how to play Boys be suspicious on guitar I prepared a little cover for you guys: Feel free to check it out And i voted for the new look. The comments make me want to listen to their new stuff :3
  • New look =
  • New look =
  • New single is surprisingly listenable. Also lmao at a ''best tracks 2011-2015'' album. What's it going to have? Rem_, Sleeper, Deus ex Machina, Vermillion, Ame to Yoru ni Ochite, Rewrite, Melt into blue sky, Lullaby bye, Taboo and Siva? Yeah, ok.
  • Gotta love how progressive their sound is.
  • I like how there is going to be a ''best tracks 2011-2015'' album. Its the worst period of Nightmare. Who is going to buy that shit? I sure don't. Yes, Lambophil, at some point, Nightmare was pretty decent. But the last album was total trash and even the albums before that were weak already.
  • Hmmm Quints is their only song I liked for now. The rest is... controversial.
  • ナイトメア to me are one of the more talented VK / Japanese rock bands. Their riffs are so interesting. I like that the pacing in their stuff is slowed up and down frequently. Their sound is unmistakably ナイトメア. A lot of bands have a sound / have songs that blend into other or other band's work. YOMI's voice is great too. Okay, they aren't prefect and some stuff is a little average, but listen to songs like remembrance, ジェネラル, Cyan and Cloudy dayz as a few examples of their great songwriting / instrumentation.
  • Hitsugi ♥

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