• Sukima Switch!

    2. Jan. 2008, 0:00 von amemachikaze

    First of all, no, I'm not an office lady! ^^
    Thanks to Alex, best guy ever, who introduced me to that band.
    All in all, I'm not too familiar with male voices at all (counting some exceptions). As I first listened to 全力少年 I still wasn't sure where my feelings would go. But after they finally hit the refrain for the first time I felt that pure feeling of emotion and happiness only a (for me) perfect piece of music can create. Not only this somehow strange, but excellent voice at first but also this musicality, the arrangement of the instruments (especially the piano and strings) were extraordinary. Maybe it is somehow important to mention that it surely much more impressed me while watching their PV's. This goes especially with アカツキの詩 or 飲みに来ないか but also with ふれて未来を. (By the way, recommendations for entering their music.)
    My lack of japanese is still too big to judge about their lyrics, I just say that I love the bit I understand.... …