One Life Left - New Album Out Soon!


11. Feb. 2012, 21:50

Between August 23 and September 4 I was in Timisoara and recorded my next jazz album.
The sponsor who had promised to pay all the expenses – in exchange of his company’s logo on the back sleeve of the album – vanished mysteriously.
The album was recorded with the support of the Youth House in Timisoara, who offered us their concert hall, a space with very good acoustics. Utu Pascu rebuilt his recording studio, AudioTM, on stage.
Besides myself, drummer Tavi Scurtu and bassist Utu Pascu there were Petre Ionutescu on trumpet, Lucian Nagy (saxophone) – both from Blazzaj– Dan Alex Mitrofan on guitar and Toni Kuhn on guitar and keyboards. It was a great joy for me to have them participating in these recordings, because they are some of my favourite musicians. I was especially happy to record with Toni Kuhn, who is known to Romanian rock fans from Post Scriptum, a legendary progressive rock group. The first time I saw him I was a teenager, it was in the 80′s and he was a member of the Eugen Gondi Quartet, one of the most interesting bands in those times.

The album is going to be released in March.

You can download the first tune I released, I Guess It's Love , for free.

You can also sponsor the album to get a free copy in the mail.

Thanks for listening,

Mihai Iordache

P.S. if this message is repeated, there must be a bug. I sent it once and got the message "You haven't written any journal entries..."


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