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11. Nov. 2009, 13:35

A new special conceptual project album I am proud to have personally contributed to is out now on the fantastic audiobulb imprint. The second installment - 2 | Favourite Places is now available. Featuring contributions from Lawrence English, Yannick Franck, Michael Santos, Icarus, Sawako, Jeremy Bible, Autistici, Calika, Michael Trommer & He Can Jog.

Each track is based upon a field recording and composition mixed together to represent a location of significance for the artist. A booklet of photographs, text description & latitude and longitude data compliments the release -with the CD version featuring hand finished bespoke location indicators. Each CD will therefore be unique!

MP3 Previews:

+ Behind The Concrete Factory - J. Bible [MP3 Preview]

+ Partridge Green - Calika [MP3 Preview]

+ Town, The - Sawako [MP3 Preview]

+ Woodbine Entwist - He Can Jog [MP3 Preview]

The first edition of the Favourite Places project features contributions from Taylor Deupree, Dot Tape Dot, Claudia, Biosphere, John Kannenberg, RF, Aaron Ximm, Build, Leafcutter John, and nomad place.

You can obtain copies of both editions direct from the label at Audiobulb.com and we also have some limited copies available in our own mailorder shop.


  • jetjag

    Looks interesting...

    2. Feb. 2010, 2:08
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