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29. Sep. 2010, 13:41

The fall of 2010 will bring some new records from planet mars:

CWZ020 - Paul Beauchamp – Sala B - Intervention (2nd ep)
CWZ021 - Palumbo & Tomasini - The Hunting Dogs Of Boötes The Herdsman (live & remix)
CWZ022 - Daniele Brusaschetto – Clouds (digital single)

Paul Beauchamp continues his personal serie of ep (Sala B), Intervention is the second episode and features 3 tracks and a remix of Jóhann Jóhannsson.

Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo and Ernesto Tomasini will publish on the 22th of October The Hunting Dogs Of Boötes The Herdsman, a collection of live band versions and remixes of all the songs of album Canes Venatici. On the same day, they celebrate this release with a one-off show at the prestigious Volksbuehne theatre in Berlin.

In November, we'll welcome Daniele Brusaschetto on our catalogue, we know him from its beginning (Mudcake, Whip and his solo project). He's goin to publish the eighth album, Fragranze Silenzio, Chew-Z will publish the digital single Clouds at the begin of november including a remix.

CWZ020 and CWZ021 will be available also on digipack cd edition trough our shop (
CWZ022 will be an exclusive preview for free download.

In the meantime, update your calendar with the live exhibition of our artists :

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02/10/2010 Loft 21 - Milano, Italy / with Mariae Nascenti
19/10/2010 Museo Di Scienze Naturali - Torino, Italy / with Carla Bozulich
15/11/2010 The Heroes Of Country, Jazz and Blues" Tunnel - Milano, Italy / with Former Ghosts, Xiu Xiu, Zola Jesus

Paul Beauchamp
12/10/2010 Accademia Albertina Delle Belle Arti (7,30pm) - Torino, Italy: Il Mutamento's "Eikon/Icona" + Marcel.lì Antunez Roca's "Esoscheletri"

15/10/2010 Museo Di Scienze Naturali - Torino, Italy: Into The Wood
20/11/2010 Sound Metak (7pm) - Milano, Italy: Into The Wood

Palumbo & Tomasini with Paul Beauchamp and Evor Ameisie
22/10/2010 @ Volksbuehne - Berlin, Germany / with Greie Gut Fraktion

30/10/2010 STAKANOVISMO "El Dia De Los Muertos" opening party - Rising Love - Roma, Italy / with Mushy


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