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A German punkrock-band established in 1991. Originally the band played under the name „Ankry Simons“ some cover-songs of the American band „Angry Samoans“, but later they started to do their own kind of music and recorded the 7“ „Gotcha!“, which was released in 1990 on X-Mist Records (SIS). The members played (or still play) in Bands like „Spermbirds“, „2Bad“ and „Challenger Crew“. Some years later they changed their name into „Steakknife“ (which is a songtitle from the „Angry Samoans“) and recorded an album named „Godpill“, which was also released on X-Mist Records in 1995. Two years and a lots of shows with bands like „Descendents“, „The Cramps“ and „Nomeansno“ they recorded their second album in San Francisco. It was named „Songs man have died for“ and the artwork was made by the wellknown artist Frank Kozik. After some changes in the line-up, the band recorded their third album „Plugged into the amp of god“, which was released 2000 on Noisolution Records. In 2005 the compilation „Stuff 1991-2004“ was released, also on Noisolution Records. March 2007 a new album is in sight, it will be released on Rookie Records.

Actual line-up:
Lee Hollis - Vocals
Hell G - Bass
Marc Mondial - Guitar
L. Demon - Guitar
Lorenzo Stiletti - Drums

„My home is the gutter“ - Split 7“ Single with „2BAD“ - X-Mist Reords - 1995


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