New Release on Stalking Go Go Girls by Hagen B. & Zuckermann


30. Mär. 2008, 16:48

First cuddle with your chérie - then do whatever it is you cannot abstain from.

That’s the idea of the “The Cuddle and Come (split) EP”. The first track “Liebling Password Kuscheln” (Sweetheart, Password Cuddle) is all about grooving smoothly with your sweetheart. Whether it be publicly - i.e. in Café Liebling, Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg - or in private (password required).
The second track is all about what’s happened after your password was accepted and you are logged “in”. But listen to the cheesy vocals yourself. Both tracks’ lyrics share a similar sense for the irony of it all. Whatever that “all” may be (relationships, rituals, sex - you name it).

Hagen B. & Zuckermann
Hagen B. started his career in Tresor club, the old one - of course. He soon became resident of that institution but was rather attracted to the (housy) Globus floor at ground level than the techno torture chamber downstairs. Now he’s back in the studio after a long break and shares his passion for hot House grooves with Zuckermann, Stalking Go Go Girls CEO/CFO/CCO/CSO (Chief Sex… okokok) and whatever you want to.
The latter also was Maria am Ostbahnhof Berlin resident and resident of the incredible Cinetrip parties in good ol’ Budapest (mostly in the Rudazs bath, and if we say bath - it was IN the bath). He played in France and Japan too and had a number of releases on rather breaks oriented labels using obscure pseudos that he thought were cool back then. Now he is working with Hagen on an the always exciting new idea of House: classic sounds mixed with some contemporary ideas, sounds and sexy whims to produce an altogether fresh House sound. And so the redefinition of House continues…

The second track actually is a Zuckermann remix by a Lousy Lovers original. It is only due to's editor limitations that the track appears as a Hagen B. & Zuckermann release.
So anyway, Lousy Lovers is a project of 2 audio stars from Berlin, one of which is above mentioned Zuckermann, the other one now based in Marseille, Southern France. After they had debated the advantages of Berlin Coolness vs. French Hardcore long enough, they decided to clash these influences instead and create “eine elektronische-erotische Tanzkapelle”.
Lousy Lovers was born, transforming both the Southern way of making love - too fierce, too short - and the Northern one - too uptight, too short too - into something of an entirely different quality. Whether you’ll like that might depend on the girl(s) of course.
Their clash “très particulier” of influences merges into a unique House sound, which combines Minimal with fever and heat with not taking oneself too seriously, cheers.

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