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Spezialmaterial formed in an organic process in the late nineties. So far, the Zurich based Label has released the works of 51 national and international acts on more than 30 records. With innovative sound scapes and technical savvy, Spezialmaterial artists have not only won numerous prizes but also made themselves a favourite in the specialized international press. The acoustically and visually impressive live presentations, the outstanding graphic design and visionary booking made the label a seal of quality for the sophisticated. The musicians of Spezialmaterial have played on all continents except Australia. In Switzerland, Spezialmaterial acts shine with new projects every year at festivals such as Les Urbaines, Kilbi Bad Bonn, Shift Festival. Unusual musical encounters, for example remixing Mahler live with the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra or impro-configurations like Deconstructing Drumboys (2 drummers, 2 instrumentalists, 2 electronics and live-drum-remixers) show a globally unique label. Long ago Spezialmaterial has widened its spectrum beyond electronic music to include genre-crossing, acoustic song projects. ... Spezialmaterial ... is a label for intense, innovative music. (*2000 Zürich) ... is a synonym for a variety of electronic & instrumental engagements. ... is a collective of about 30 people combining music producers, promoters, djs, designers and visual artists. ... is a process of international networking to expand the possibilities of exposure.