Danzca - Naphtalina EP (incl. Joey Beltram Remix) - Signaletik Records


24. Jan. 2010, 17:05

After the Dutchman Darko Esser, the Dutch duo Warren Fellow & Michael Steinbach, French Electric Rescue, Signaletik Records signed a second artist and duo from its country of origin, Danzca.

Danzca is an unlikely gamble of two French DJs Paul Nazca and Maxime Dangles, a gamble with an incredible result as amazing and surprising as the hypothetic and unexpected four aces. Maxime Dangles is a young emerging DJ having made his debut on Bambú Records and Kompakt. From a provincial spotty man, he acquired the status of emerging artist of the French stage in less time than it takes to write. Paul Nazca, an old man in comeback, is known by everyone for his many "dancefloor killers", on Scandium Records among other things, and the tracks “de son moulin” (from his windmill). Some old, some new, and the duo Danzca takes shape. Furthermore, they are not at their first attempt and they have blithely passed the test with their first EP, Speicher 63, released on Kompakt.
Signaletik Records presents their last production, Naphtalina EP, as explosive as some Napalm bombs.

The title track, Naphtalina, is a subtle blend of timeless characteristics of techno with the actual sounds of the movement: a punched kick combined with several synthesizers and snoring sounds accompanied by a vocal like on the German label Minus.

The Joey Beltram Remix takes us into what most characterizes him: a triptych rhythm on a very present bassline. A remix that will boost the dancefloors!

Little room is the most mental track of the EP but it doesn’t lose in efficiency. Danzca links the reminders to Acid on bursts of break that takes clubbers in the darkness of a vibrating dancefloor chanting the rhythm of a sudden raised arms and feet hopping.

A1. Naphtalina - 7"20
B1. Naphtalina (Joey Beltram remix) - 6"04
B2. Little room - 7"15
Bonus Track Digital: Sioux - 7"16

Supported by
Cari Lekebusch, CELTIC TWINZ, Electric Rescue, Stephan Bodzin, Ken Ishii, James Ruskin, Paul Van Dijk, Popof, DJ3000, The Advent, Tom Hades, Marco Bailey, Tomaz, Gary Beck, Kr!z, Fabrice Lig, Mr. Magnetik, Angel Molina,....

Release Date
Digital: 18 janvier 2010
Vinyl: 27 janvier 2010

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- Juno Download
- Traxsource
- Nuloop
- Juno


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