Start Of The End (french Deathcore) 1st album Have A Good Day is OUT !


28. Jan. 2008, 19:31

After 3 demos, Start Of The End first album Have A Good Day is out ! (On label Uproar For Veneration Records and Obey The Giant netlabel !)

- - ! From Cambrai DC, better than Municipal Waste, Bolt Thrower and At the Gates !!!

Try it if you like ! ;)
Thousand Of My Potential Children Died In Your Daughter's Face Last Night
Guy Georges Is My Father (album version)

You can buy it for 11€ on

The demos on lastfm are Terror Is Me and Start Of The End.

They'll play in for the 5th birthday of the Alternativ Festival in April 2008 with Lofofora, Black Bomb A, Dylath-Leen, Tagada Jones, Parabellum, X Makeena, La Caution and more !
See full lineup and infos on

They've already played with Sworn Enemy, Knuckledust, 25 Ta Life, Born from Pain, DANFORTH, The Arrs, Morpain, Sylvester Staline, Rag Men, Last Hope, Nostradamus0014, L'Esprit du Clan, Trepan Dead, Goryptic, Burn The Lies, Drowning, Do Or Die, Kill For Peace, Tang, and many more !

Lastfm tells that Iniquity, As We Fight, The Final Burden, Molotov Solution, Glass Casket, Zubrowska, All Shall Perish, Faust Again, From The Shallows, Everything Falls Together, Dying Fetus, All Out War, Warscars, ... are similar to Start Of The End.


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