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In January 2004, producer Andre Kronert of noted techno duo Neurotron established Night Drive Music in the East German city of Guestrow. A year after the first vinyl release, the label began producing digital tracks in 2005. Since then Night Drive has expanded to include three additional sub labels: 2600 Records, Neurotron Music, and 3rd Wave Music all to handle a growing roster of what Kronert sees as a „force against the bad music on the planet“.

The label is heavily inspired by Alvin Toffler’s futurist manifesto The Third Wave as well as the old Detroit techno pioneers. And it shows, not only in the wide geographical diversity of Night Drive’s roster but the ability to define a sound amongst the „shattering stress and disorientation“ of the current techno scene. The label’s greatest asset seems to be the ability to channel the things that made predecessors like Nu Groove, Metroplex, and Planet E stand out without making it all sound like a blatant punk-ass rip off. This focus on quality has paid off, a quick visit to the label’s website shows that many of its releases have been signed off to numerous high-profile mix compilations. Chances are that hot, soulful late nighter you can’t seem to get out of your head was probably something on Night Drive.


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  • RadioBongo

    Amazing work, keep producing such mesmerizing music .

    November 2011
  • ilya-555

    Great label

    Dezember 2008
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