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  • Sanctum_

    We should definitely just ignore the top artists. Almost always. They're never accurate.

    Dezember 2014

    12012 is on Midi:Nette...? um..... and Kaggra, ? I think something is wrong o.o

    Juli 2010
  • kitase

    Oh, soon, certainly, Ms. Wakesima's gonna be on it, then Nega, Tommy heavenly, and Rammstein.

    September 2009
  • Nakashima-chan

    cool but...

    April 2009
  • chrysippo

    Deep Dish, the best Midi:Nette release <3 wtf.

    Januar 2009
  • Killinstinct

    Why is D'espairsRay, 12012, Kagrra,, Klaha and Deep Dish on this label??

    Januar 2009
  • PannaKac

    i dunno. xD but when i saw D'Ray in Midi:Nette i thought i was gonna freak out. that's really ridiculous. xD

    Februar 2008
  • sadoasis

    XDD this is ridiculous lol btw, whose deep dish o.o?

    Februar 2008
  • kurohime

    12012... Ok, time to stop laughing!

    August 2007
  • ioshix3

    Just MDM, MM and SS are in Midi-Nette! ¬¬ crappy tags

    Juni 2007
  • Kairi_Darkside

    Indeed... nor DéspairsRay, 12012, Deep Dish, Kagrra and Klaha aren't in Midi:Nette..... God, those tags are creepy! xDD...

    Mai 2007
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