Death Folk


17. Mär. 2008, 15:18

Dear Greve Gollvm of Twrch Trwyth has again been kind enough ;) to supply us with another one of his latest press releases, which we are absolutely to share

Currently there is Work on 2 Major and 1 Minor Projects underway at TwrchLab:

(1) We are recording two tracks for a split with Mega, the split will be titled Hunter and available for free

(2) Preparations are underway for a sequence of studio sessions that will result in Twrch Trwyth's comeback in 2008 with a full-length titled Death Folk. The tracklist is not really set but more or less, as follows:

± The First Ring of Power
± Urskumug
± Death Folk
± Journey to Ixtlan
>:)± The Sun, the Cloud and the Angakoq
± Helstar
± tba/yet untitled <<song with an egyptian theme>>
± Necroplanet 0V Z3 4P3Z
± Death in September
± Black Metal
± The Penultimate Ællusion
± tba/yet untitled <<song dedicated to teh black overlord of inner mongolia>>
± 2012

duration: 40-60 minutez
sound: unpredictable
file under: death folk

(3) Twrch Trwyth is also doing a tribal dancefloor remix for a song by a German ebm band, which will be revealed when the mixdown is adchieved!



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