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Equinox Records was founded in late 2002 by long time disk jockey, producer, journalist and record collector Günter Stöppel as a platform to release music for artists that shared the same ideas and visions of sound and art.

Originally based in Munich and residing in Berlin since 2005, the label is still following its early concept of “organic/electronic” beats. Since then, it has released new urban electronic music in genre fields that range from leftfield electronica and instrumental hip-hop to styles like glitch, idm, electro and dubstep.

Many aspiring artists have joined the roster or have contributed to Equinox releases so far:
2econd Class Citizen (UK), Ceschi (USA) , Kraddy (USA), Free The Robots (USA), DJ Scientist (GER), Geste (FR), Arcsin (USA), Deckard (GER), Emynd (USA), DiViNCi (USA), Vangel (CAN), just to name a few.

Furthermore, remixers and featured guests included well known artists like Mochipet (USA), 2Mex (USA, Visionaries), Mikah 9 (USA, Freestyle Fellowship), Fulgeance (FR, Musique Large), Si Begg (UK, Noodles, Big Dada), Awol One (USA) and K-The-I??? (Mush / Big Dada).


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