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Ecocentric Records, started back in let late 80's. Had a break for 2 or 4 years and now recovers to old strength since the reanimation in 2002. We already worked with yet legendary bands like: DOOM, Rupture, le Scrawl, Disrupt, Exit13, Hideous Mangelus,Man is The Bastard, Amen, Cause for Effect, Sore Throat, Belching Beet, Katastrofialue, Embittered, Unclean, HC Andersen, Sorto, 7 Minutes of Nausea and many, many more.... After we started again with publishing cd's and download-releases (at www.cxc.info/Audio) we are working with these bands (ordered from now - 2002): Mindtrap : Living Demons debut CD Japanische Kampfhoerspiele : Live in Trier 13.11.2004 CDep Atka | Shimetsu split mCD Black Shape of Nexus : Microbarome Meetings CD Le Scrawl : Whiskey a Go Go CDep Goblin : debut CD 7 Minutes of Nausea : Das Ablenker mCD Das Krill : Headless hero 3inch CD-R TAPOTMA : 3 x 3inch CD-R set Nunslaughter : Rotting Christ 3inch CD-R BLOODREDbastardNOISEbacteria : From Zero to Hero and blackwards.... 3inch CD-R