Melody Klyman's new album Bending The Knotted Oak FREE for a limited time!


11. Aug. 2009, 22:44

It may seem crazy but Melody Klyman has decided to give her forthcoming album away free (digitally) for an indefinite amount of time .
This is a fully produced, professional mastered album worthy of a full price CD release - to come ..

All you have to do is sign up to the mailing list via
Melody's Myspace
(see left of myspace page to sign up)

Once you sign up a digital link to the 10 track album (192 kbps) will be sent back to your email shortly.

Then spread the word by telling people who might like it to sign up too BUT
PLEASE do not just share the album link as we are able to monitor how many are downloaded and it doesn't help me any.. ;)

peace, enjoy :)
melody xx

p.s. if anyone has any trouble signing up to the mailing list (some browsers don;t work) then write direct to


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