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  • bmoukta

    why would you approve that description when it's an opinion instead of stating factual information that people wanting to learn about the label would want to know?

    April 2013
  • listenow78

    Hi Big Machine Records,have you thought of putting you record label on Spotify,Spotify makes £/$1 and a half Billion profits or more each year just for people subscribing,that's why artists nowadays make nice songs because they have already made a profit.Very few people nowadays would pay £/$200 to £/$ 300 to create a whole playlist of tracks...Talor Swift's RED Album was'nt on Spotify

    März 2013
  • paula931

    cmon add speak now tracks pls =/

    März 2011
  • paula931

    PLEASE! work well with Taylor Swift page. go check her ''Speak Now'' tracks.

    März 2011
  • davidandrey

    Previews of The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection & Speak Now, please (:

    Januar 2011