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about A. & MUSICproduction

Frankie Fresh is founder of label - „A. & MUSICproduction“ ++++ music-style: electronica (house, techno, electro, trance), oldschool-club-groove’s (disco, funk, jazz, italo) ++++ artists of Label are Frankie Fresh, DEE_MJ, Housersau, Recless Reach, dj Mütze, houser F.L. - ADD all our LABEL-SITE’s - www.myspace.com/aLmusicproduction ++++ http://soundcloud.com/acryl-1 ++++ www.youtube.com/aMUSICproduction38 ++++ www.twitter.com/LABEL2010 ++++ http://www.facebook.com/amannda.cantora?ref=pymk#!/pages/sachsen/A-MUSICproduction/111187402231562?ref=ts&ajaxpipe=1&__a=11

„Dr. Acid and Mr. Beat“ (original acid house mix by frankie fresh-12 inch) - is with others CLUB-TRACK’s on http://soundcloud.com/acryl-1 - than FREE DOWNLOAD

Frankie Fresh for MousseT. & Suzie-„All Night Long“-disco - remix contest -“ frankie’s funky stepper mix 7:04“ in player by MousseT. - http://remix.mouse-t.com/ - 120bpm DISCO STEPPER

„Hear of the Melodie“ by DEE_MJ (from new album - „Feel the Beat“/DEE_MJ) - FREE here and on http://soundcoud.com/acryl-1

„ANJA“ by Recless Reach (Friction Corp./ Tools Of Tomorrow / A.-Musicproduction) - FREE here and on http://soundcloud.com/acryl-1

Latest ALBUMby Frankie Fresh: „extended long version’s“ - OUT NOW - at dooload, itunes, jamba, musicload, napster, emusic, amazon.mp3, saturn+weltbild+media markt-mp3 shop’s www.dooload.de/Housersau

FREE ALBUM -„radio EP“ - under older name Frankie Fresh aka dj Mütze - music in various styles by disco/funk to jazz/house - all track’s than radio version’s and info’s + download FREE on


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