• Peter Gabriel – In Your Eyes (THE POLISH AMBASSADOR Remix)

    19. Jul. 2011, 22:09 von STS9Band

    If you don’t know and love the original, well there’s probably a certain part of you that’s dead inside. I made this remix, first and foremost, for the love I have for Peter Gabriel and this track, but also to throw it into a new context. It’s slow, it’s dark, it’s a bit twisted. Great for those sunrise downtempo sets. It’s a FREE download. Enjoy!!
  • Hello My Name Is Mochipet - Free Release Out Now on 1320 Records

    19. Jul. 2011, 16:56 von STS9Band

  • THE BINS Now On 1320 Records – Free Download

    14. Jul. 2011, 22:23 von STS9Band

    COVER SQU550
    In the Narita Airport, safe from Japan’s brutal July heat, I find my seat at the terminal. I had been visiting my childhood friend in Chiba. I’m surrounded by dozens of musicians and their instruments; they’re on their way home from the Mt. Fuji Rock Festival. On the floor in front of me is a group of colorful characters squatted in a semicircle. I noticed their eclectic collection of instruments: bongos, didgeridoos, keyboards. I introduce myself to the fellow closest to me. He tells me his name’s Hunter and his band’s called Sound Tribe Sector Nine. I explain to him that I also make music and share with him some of my songs on my portable CD player. He plays me some of his stuff too. I ask him to sign my sketchbook, which he does, then we go our separate ways.
    That was nine years ago. We never contacted each other; after all, it was just a casual acquaintance.
    Almost exactly 9 years later, I’m mixing my debut EP Every Minute of the Day at Different Fur studios in San Francisco with chief engineer Nic Pope. …
  • THE POLISH AMBASSADOR & The Debut Performance Of James Christopher’s New 1320…

    14. Jul. 2011, 15:38 von STS9Band


    1320 Records will be in the building at Temple SF after Phish’s
    performance at Outside Lands, represented by The Polish Ambassador and
    the debut performance of James Christopher’s new 1320 project Chron4,
    with special guest Audio Angel.

    They will be joined by DNAE Beats, with VERY special guest Gift of Gab
    of Blackalicious. The new project Quitter will also be featured – Bay
    Area native NastyNasty’s new project with co producer So What?
    Midtempo / glitch stylist Samples of Fresh2Death rounds out the main

    The “Blisswave Cave” is curated by Blisswave Productions and includes
    cutting edge beat scientists such as Ras G (Brainfeeder), Samiyam
    (Brainfeeder), Dibiase (Alpha Pup), Take (Alpha Pup), matthewdavid
    (Brainfeeder), and much more.

    Music starts at 9pm and goes until 4am with 3 stages. Tickets are ONLY
    $5 limited advance to each event, with advance RSVP.

  • Re:Generation “Family Album” Podcast

    17. Jun. 2011, 20:58 von STS9Band

    Re:Generation “Family Album” Podcast

    With the Re:Generation Festival just a week away, we thought it the perfect time to release the REGENERATION “FAMILY ALBUM” PODCAST, featuring all the artists who will be joining STS9 at Horning’s Hideout coming June 23-26. Check out the track list below. You can download the podcast HERE, or sign up on iTunes to get all STS9 Podcasts delivered to you as soon as they go live! Tickets are still available RIGHT HERE. See you all soon!

    STS9 – Scheme – from their new EP ‘When The Dust Settles’
    Bassnectar / Metallica – Seek and Destroy (Bassnectar Remixxx)
    Emancipator – Safe in the Steep Cliffs
    Lotus – Kesey Seed
    Big Gigantic – Sky High
    Glitch Mob – 99 Problems But A Glitch Ain’t One/ STS9 Beyond Right Now MASH UP
    Tycho – Coastal Brake
    Beats Antique - Miss Levine
    Little People – Basique
    Ellie Goulding – Lights (Bassnectar Remix)
    Paper Diamond - Snowfall
    Break Science – The Alliance (feat Talib Kweli)
  • STS9 – Bonnaroo Download Available Now

    16. Jun. 2011, 23:19 von STS9Band

    From the opening notes of a brief and unusual Nine Inch Nails tease -> Tooth until the sun rose with a rousing version of Circus, STS9′s late night set at Bonnaroo 2011 was an explosion of damn good music, and incredible non-stop fans. The energy from dark ’til dawn for our set was something magical and beyond description. You can download it now at 1320 Records. See you all at RE:GENERATION!

    2011.06.11 :: Bonnaroo :: Manchester, TN

    NIN intro -> Tooth, Arigato, Hidden Hand Hidden Fist, EHM, Slight Shift, When The Dust Settles (w/ It’s a Family Affair teases), Move My Peeps, The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature, 20-12, Hubble, Scheme, Rent, Moon Socket, New New 4 U U, Abcees, Circus

  • Check Out 1320 Records Artists – Re:Generation at Horning’s Hideout, OR

    16. Jun. 2011, 17:24 von STS9Band



    Make sure to check out all the 1320 Records artists: STS9, Big Gigantic, Emancipator, Eliot Lipp, The Polish Ambassador, Up Until Now, The Great Mundane


  • EMANCIPATOR ‘Remixes’ Album out Next Week June 21st Plus Tour Dates

    15. Jun. 2011, 0:38 von STS9Band

    “Remixes” Out Next Week + Free Ooah Track Download

    Remixes available 6/21/11

    Free Download: first snow (Ooah Remix)

    With his aptitude in formulating symphonic sounds balanced by an intricate and clean production style, Emancipator‘s last two albums, “ Safe In The Steep Cliffs” and “Soon It Will Be Cold Enough” possess the vitality to captivate the broadest of audiences. Emancipator has invited a choice collection of artists to offer their interpretation of Emancipator songs spanning both of his previous releases. Collaborators such as Blockhead, Big Gigantic, OOAH, and a new remix by Emancipator himself contribute their expertise and ingenuity; packing this 14 track selection with gusto, intelligence, and substance.

    Track Listing:

    1. anthem (NYM remix)
    2. ares (Big Gigantic remix)
    3. bury them bones (Marley Carroll remix)
    4. nevergreen (Blockhead remix)
    5. when i go (Michal Menert remix)
    6. first snow (Ooah remix)
    7. jet stream (Derek Van Scoten remix)
    8. old devil (Kept Blue remix)
  • STS9 – Wakarusa Downloads Available Now

    13. Jun. 2011, 21:37 von STS9Band

    STS9′s two sets from the 2011 Wakarusa Festival are available for download now HERE. Another amazing weekend down in Arkansas for this incredible festival that refuses to stop kicking ass. Thanks for having us!

    2011.06.03 :: Wakarusa Main Stage :: Ozark, AR
    Intro, When the Dust Settles, Aimlessly, F.Word, The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature, Wika Chikana, Shakedown Street, 20-12, Interlude, Scheme, Inspire Strikes Back, What is Love?

    2011.06.04 :: Wakarusa Tent :: Ozark, AR
    Artifact, Beyond Right Now, Kamuy, Atlas, Lo Swaga, 8 & a extra, Hidden Hand Hidden Fist, Be Nice, Abcees, Interlude, Surreality, EB, Moon Socket, Rent, EHM

  • STS9 – ‘When the Dust Settles’ is Here

    7. Jun. 2011, 18:27 von STS9Band

    ‘When the Dust Settles’ is out today via 1320, iTunes and more! Lots of new music in the works, so much we want to tell you – how these songs came to through us, the titles, the inspiration, the contradictions, conversations and revelations, the full circles, all of it. So many things. But for now we just want to let it go, set it free, keep moving. Can’t wait to play ‘The Golden Gate’ live. We hope you enjoy.

    The EP is available through STS9′s boutique label 1320RECORDS.COM, plus iTunes, Amazon, and many other online digital retailers.

    You can also grab an exclusive “When the Dust Settles” t-shirt, featuring cover art by Bemo on front and silhouette of STS9 on back, only through STS9Store.com. Quantities are very limited, grab one now before they become a collector’s item!

    Tracks: Scheme, When The Dust Settles, Scheme Reprise, The Golden Gate, Winter Sun.