• I wanted to say, Fuck you Cool peers...

    16. Mai. 2008, 7:11 von GentlemanEmpire


    I wanted... no, needed to say, Fuck you my cool peers. Those who had taste, and style, and then showed it off only to be emulated by gaggles of wide eyed, no talent, "lol"ing hacks who constantly keep me on a style run, and have absolutely no brain to speak of.

    Because of you, for 8 years now, I haven't been able to wear any from or show any appreciation for the film, The Nightmare Before Christmas, lest I be shunned by my fellow peers.

    Because of you, I've had to keep on my feet, burrowing deeper into the ground that we know as meaningful literature and art to find beautiful things, because the zombies are constantly feeding.

    Hell, fear of Zombies has become contrived. In fact, the word contrived, is becoming contrived.

    So I wanted to thank you for keeping my on my feet, but then again, I guess I have to blame myself to.

    But instead of blaming any of us, how about we build an island, where we'd all drive hybrid cars, activist our hearts out, and section all of our cool in reserves.

    I lost all semblance of a point!
  • Red Album: A eulogy

    12. Mai. 2008, 6:45 von GentlemanEmpire

    We're all gathered here, maybe a bit prematurely, but to honor a great group of heroes. A group that was there with "rockin" riffs to uplift, and lyrical genius to clean our tears when that girl wouldn't go to the box social with us.

    For a nerd since childhood, they were like my sanctuary. When I was, "In the Garage", these were my hymns in my church. My "Purification of Water". My "Lover in the Snow". I used to shout, "Thief you've taken the best of me", everytime I thought my "Pink Triangles", and the run ins I had with my Susanne, Jamie, Mikael and Carli's.

    Rivers actually under stood how it felt to be "tired of sex", and long for something more. He knew I was "slob", and wanted to do something about it. =W= changed my life, and I could never thank them enough.

    This is really why I hate Green Album, Make Believe, and even though it's early, Red Album... because there is no substance anymore. Rivers is married. He has no reason to "get dangerous". He doesn't know how it feels to be young and realize that everyone is on drugs. He can't complain about chart toppers like Timberland, because he's been one for over ten years!

    He couldn't possibly remember what it felt like to write El Schorcho, and mean those feelings! To dream about that girl across the sea!

    All he sings about anymore are broken memories he can barely recall. And these can barely hold up one songs all together, let alone an entire album! So I say pity him kids and cadets, and lets leave this grave, so Rivers can bury himself in this crap.

    I'd like to believe that one day Weezer can redeem itself. That Brian, Pat, and Scott can smack some sense into Rivers. But I guess it's only in dreams...

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