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Moderatoren: humeka, andresmarcos, svenlaux, mmmoritzzz, dr_nojoke, storlon und betrazivis
Gruppenstatus: Offen
Gegründet am: 16. Dez. 2009
UNOIKI artists
Andrés Marcos, choenyi, Christian Epple, Dr.Nojoke, Humeka, J-Lab, Jonathan Mangelinckx, Keinzweiter, Komsomol, Marianne Klausen, MRZ, Storlon, Sven Laux, Sul.a, Ten and Tracer,...

UNOIKI (it.-turk.: one – two)

UNOIKI is an exploratory platform for electronic music, visual and related art nestled between the cornerstones CLUB and ART!

UNOIKI is about exploring the spaces inbetween: searching for new grounds and ways questioning and undefining rules, limits and structures in music, art, distribution, promotion and all life!

UNOIKI is based on the idea of a collective of like-minded artists with an original and unique vision.

UNOIKI wants to initiate projects and collaborations - and plans to publish, release and sell music, visual, audiovisual and interdisciplinary works via this website.

UNOIKI wishes to build links to innovative artists, thinkers, writers, dancers, filmmakers, media-activists, DJs, promoters and afficionados to create a network, which is getting prepared for the future.

UNOIKI keywords
openness, curiosity, fascination, uniqueness, flexibility, reflection, association, transition, transparency, timelessness, sustainability, (critical) thinking, independency, freedom, respect, tolerance, peace!

UNOIKI was founded by Frank Bogdanowitz alias Dr.Nojoke in summer 2009.

Involved artists are:

Andrés Marcos (SUI), choenyi (USA), Christian Epple (DE), Dr.Nojoke (DE), Humeka (FR), J-Lab (UK), Jonathan Mangelinckx (BE), Keinzweiter (DE), Komsomol (IRN), Marianne Klausen (DE), MRZ (SUI), [Storlon (SUI), Sven Laux (DE), Sul.a (CAN), Ten and Tracer (USA), The Automatic Message (CAN).

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