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  • The Mermaids Of The Lipetsk Shed - grunge/stoner/psychedelic/

    Hello. Check out my band called The Mermaids Of The Lipetsk Shed. In our music we tried to transmit the atmosphere of the 90's alternative music with some psychedelic influence. If you like such bands as : The Smashing Pumpkins, Love Battery, The Jimmi Hendrix Experince and Pink Floyd, you should visit and listen to our debut album "Caldera". You can download it here

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  • Rake Garden

    Hello, everyone)

    My name is Elizabeth and I'm the lead singer in an alternative rock-band called "Rake Garden". We are from Russia, but our lyrics is in English. Mostly our genres are alternative rock and post-grunge, but if you think it's something else, we're not against) We're nit trying to limit ourselves only to these genres and now we're writing new material where we also use some new elements of sound.

    So, you can find our first (and yet the only) studio album here. All songs are available for free download. Enjoy)

    ps: if you have any questions you are sure to write to me)

    • domcaq schrieb...
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    • 29. Jan. 2012, 10:53
    hi. i'm not in the band, but friends of mine. they are punk-rock band called Alternatiwe, from Slovakia. songs are mostly in slovak language, but i think, that doesn't matter, because music is important.
    so if you want, you can visit their page and listen. :)
    new EP starts play.

    .. i don't want to die,
    i sometimes wish i'd never been born at all..
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  • I am holder of numerous projects including soundscape, nature-themed ambient Mealann, space ambient Cold Womb Descent, depressive black metal Astral Monolith, raw powernoise Dead Girl Radiation, harsh noise Distorted Perception, witch house/trance Anfea Eutua, black ambient Vrearm Etréeb and sandbox adventure Risen v0id.

  • may as well promote myself.

    we're a Black Metal band with some doomy and noise type bits too on occasion.
    We do everything ourselves, its completely DIY from recording to artwork. The lyrical content and themes are about reptillians, paranoia, conspiracy and other related fields of weirdness.
    We're making new demo's now, the process is slow since we all live in different cities around the UK and I only I have any kind of vaguely acceptable recording equipment to produce with.

    If you like us, be kind and buy a tape here:

    Life becomes a desert around you.
    • KeithLew schrieb...
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    • 2. Feb. 2012, 0:52

    • veganboy- schrieb...
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    • 14. Feb. 2012, 23:52
    Some stuff from the south African Underground all of the bands are way under 2000 listeners

  • hi everyone!

    I'm a post-punk/rock solo artist... I play acoustic music as well. Check me out at

    you can get "The Mirror - EP" on iTunes, Amazon etc.
    But you might as well just download them here...

    • opis1011 schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 19. Feb. 2012, 10:36
    Hi, my band Cries Rent The Air is melodic metalcore band from Latvia.
    at this moment we have recorded 1 song, but there is more to be done in this year.

    you can download song here -


  • Hey There! Some shameless promotion... It's a solo project I started last year. I'd like to call it psychedelic minimalism (since, i lack a better description). If you have a better suggestion, go ahead a tell me or tag it...

    You can play and download some songs either here:


    In case you like it: new stuff is being made...

  • New female singer-songwriter

    Hey! My project is called About Poetry. It's my way to express my feelings and emotions. At first, I play with the words, then I play with the music and then I put it all together in a video.

    Check out my lyric videos:

    And my page, there's also one song for free download:

    Thank you and much love! :)

    • mck_music schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 12. Apr. 2012, 17:33
    While we're all promoting ourselves, I'm an electronic artist from Melbourne, Australia. So far I have completed two whole albums although I am so new to that I don't even have stats yet and I'm pretty sure only one person has actually listened to my music thus far. That being said their feedback was positive and I welcome many more listeners to discover my music. I've got 21 free songs for download as of now, these being my personal favourites:

    Morning Glow
    Stunt Double
    Falling Leaves

    And my page here: Michael Cameron Kilderry

    Looking forward to making new friends and fans! :)

  • We, The Astray, released our debut album LETTERS containing fifteen full-length tracks of only the finest Electronic-Rock last week!

    It is available on Bandcamp for any price you choose (including for free) or The Astray - Letters
    My personal favorites:

    You can visit us on our Official Page or Facebook
    We also have a YouTube Channel where we uploaded Teasers that led up to the release of the album.

    • Orange42 schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 9. Mai. 2012, 13:32
    Hi, i'm the singer/guitarrist from the band Gold Lions, and guitarrist/eletronic-shit from the band VAULT47

    here is my solo project fragile beings

    is just experimental/eletronic stuff, if anyone is into it you can download it here at lastfm

    • gdb107 schrieb...
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    • 26. Jun. 2012, 12:38
    Hey everyone! Here's my metal project Disappear to Infinity. Mostly it's just me, but occasionally I collaborate with a singer. The music is generally a fairly melodic type of metal with influences from folk metal, progressive etc on some songs, and I also try to incorporate other instruments than guitar, bass and drums to keep things interesting. Here's links to a couple of songs;
    Sail the Seven Seas
    Hide in a Dream

    Check out my band Disappear to Infinity
    Free download!
    Hide in a Dream
    YouTube channel.

  • For some instrumental, rock, electronic, metal, experimental, alternative be sure to check Anxious Mind and it's Departure EP!

    Visit also:

    • Otzem schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 1. Aug. 2012, 11:47
    I am an aspiring 18 year old producer from Sofia, Bulgaria. I am a solo artist and sound designer using a wide variety of tools to compose my music - from DAW's, digital synthesizers and VST's to analogue effects processors and foley recording. I took part in several performances and have more to play in the near future. I also have some experience in post production for Feature Film, assisting in the sound design and editing processes for the movie

    You can check out my work here: (the band I am part of)

  • Here's my project: Simon Margreiter
    Dark Ambient/Experimental/Instrumental
    Free download's on the page!
    A lot influenced by game Soundtracks.

  • composer, singer and guitarrist

    larga vida al rock n roll
    • ldragster schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 22. Aug. 2012, 9:53
    My little project: comfort noise support
    So called "modern classical", i guess.
    Don't be shy and check it out. I hope you'll have a good time listening to these sounds.:)
    Some links:

  • Part of a lo-fi, garage rock band who have just released their debut EP. You can follow us here:

    Listen here:

    Download here at whatever price you wish:

    And buy a physical CD here if you like it that much:

    We're influenced by, and would see our music as appealing to fans of Bloc Party, Blur, Pavement, Arctic Monkeys, Silkworm, Sonic Youth and plenty of similar bands.

    • g6120 schrieb...
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    • 4. Sep. 2012, 23:57

    New album Uploaded

    Cheers, Gil

    Gil's Music on
    • troubbble schrieb...
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    • 14. Sep. 2012, 0:34
    Blood Ninjas is a project I'm involved with. We make electronic music, but I don't really know what a more specific genre would be. We just play what we think sounds good---not really going for any specific styles.

    I really don't know what our best tracks are, but I really like these:
    The Easter Bunny Massacre
    Astrofuzz 2012
    Empty Bones
    CH III

    9 listeners all time, 375 scrobbles all time

    • gsalvadi schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 17. Sep. 2012, 22:51

    I am into Indian flavor Instrumental EP campaign

    Dear friends,

    I am an Indian musician and my campaign is live on pledge music.

    I take this opportunity to bring my present pre production campaign to your notice. Please check the link, support me, and spread some words

    Please check the following link for campaign page


    "Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent." - Victor Hugo
  • New official site of Anxious Mind

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