• my first college years (1999-2003)

    11. Aug. 2006, 0:53 von merfdawg

    Today I was going through some old mix CDs I had and decided I would make a "college" tag for my time at UNC Chapel Hill (99-03). These are some of the albums/songs/artists that I remember being into at that time. As I look through this list, I am amazed how much my tastes have changed in the past few years. It's kind of fun to get a laugh out of this list. I thought you all would enjoy it too.

    Some of these songs remind me of certain people or situations, like Rosa Parks, which was played at every single freshman year frat party; Who Let the Dogs Out, which my sorority did a dance competition to; Teardrop, which always reminds me of a guy I dated for a while; and Daydream Believer, which was on the soundtrack to a 15-minute short film I did as a class project... wow, good times, man. Bad times too. But mostly good times.