• Radiohead - In Rainbows : What did you pay?

    10. Okt. 2007, 19:47 von Babs_05

    Radiohead's new album In Rainbows, out today.

    Approximately 8,000 listeners in already.

    So, gotta ask - what did you pay? Did anyone pay a penny? Were you surprised at the 45p credit card fee? Did it make any difference?

    And just out of interest - what are your marks out of 10?

    edit: if you didn't give very much, and you're not getting the £40 set, do you feel guilty now you've heard it? Do you think you'll go back and donate more?

  • Orba Squara Reach Parts Other Bands Fail To Reach

    17. Sep. 2007, 22:43 von Babs_05

    I've not had that great a day, today. For a start, it's Monday. The sun didn't come out and it's been dull and grey here in south London. More leaves are falling off trees and the wind's picked up.

    The only thing that made me smile was the Leave Britney Alone video, which was an 'and finally' on the evening news.

    I didn't even call Mum. I can't even manage to muster fake cheeriness.


    What do you listen to on a day like this? I went straight for comfort and started with Radiohead. Can't go wrong with old favourites. Then, out of curiosity, I picked up Orba Squara's new album, Sunshyness. I only had to hear the opening bars of the first track to know this was exactly what I needed right now.

    The music is , quietly upbeat and cheerful, but not aggressively so. It's cajoling and encouraging. And kind. Kind is the right word for it. Soothing, adorable little bells, acoustic guitars and friendly voices make 31 minutes fly by far too fast. Someone's having fun with maracas, and someone else is very good with the ukulele. If you're familiar with , you'll recognise some influences, such as Sufjan Stevens, The Polyphonic Spree, and Feist but if not, not to worry, they're subtly used and won't interfere with your enjoyment.

    Music to drift off to, to daydream to, to curl up on the sofa with a blanket and a book to.

    Ho hum.

    Have you seen the new iPhone ads yet? The music is from this album. It's the track called Perfect Timing (This Morning). Ah, now that rings a bell. Correct me if I'm wrong, but they delayed the release of this album till Apple gave them permission. They were waiting on the ads going out.

    Not important. Doesn't make a blind bit of difference to me. They made my Monday better and that's all I care about.

    Time to head back to the sofa. Think I'll have another rooibos tea.

  • Do They Know It's Genocide? Mattafix - Living Darfur (single)

    17. Sep. 2007, 1:29 von Babs_05

    I'm not sure how I feel about this.

    Article: Sunday Times 16 Sept 07 - star-studded pop video highlighting crisis in Darfur

    News about the single on Globe For Darfur

    If the idea of a pop video about mass genocide is horrific, that many people weren't even aware of the situation in Darfur till George Clooney took it on is even worse. The argument for celebrities taking on causes is right there. Forget global news and its 'news values': you'll learn more about the world following your favourite conscientious A-list celeb, particularly now it seems they've raised their game and have transcended promoting causes as a career move to actually making a bit of a difference.

    Mick Jagger paid £25,000 for the first pop video to be shot in a refugee camp.

    *feels sick*

    Other stars involved: Kanye West, from The Black Eyed Peas, Scarlett Johansson (who is also an Ambassador for Oxfam and chose to be in India over the Oscars), Matt Damon (who knew he had a page in!), Elle MacPherson, and more.

    Anyway, let's watch the video together, shall we? This is my first viewing too:

    Mattafix - Living Darfur, released today, 16 Sept, to coincide with ‘Global day for Darfur'.

    Ok, it's safe to come out from behind your sofas, I'm not so angry now. The song's got 'big budget' written all over it but it's not bad, in a generic, radio-friendly kind of way. I must have found the original version of the video before the stars muscled in. I don't mind this one - it's an affirmation of life. If you know anything about Darfur, you'll get it. If you don't, all you'll see is another pretty promo vid. Surprisingly good-looking for a refugee camp.

    Let's find the stars! brb...

    ... : (

    Nothing to be found anywhere. Maybe it'll be available later this week. If you find it, please do post it here. Thanks.

    Writing this journal ended up being therapeutic. I've worked through my feelings and have now decided I support the video. If this is how it is: that in today's celeb-culture it takes A-listers to raise awareness because the news is full of crap like what Paris Hilton did today, then I have to support the renegade stars. Maybe it is a cynical career move, but to be honest, they're household names already and have been for years. I don't know. At least one thing's for sure, if an A-lister is bringing our attention to something, there is more likely to truth in their report than most items in your daily evening news show, where reporters sit on their desks and have a little laugh to camera. At least A-listers have the decency to get earnest!

    *gets off soap-box, dusts it down ready for the next person*

    MySpace - Mattafix
    Globe For Darfur

  • I Still Haven't Heard The Umbrella-la-la Song!!

    10. Sep. 2007, 14:02 von Babs_05

    Woo hoo!! Yayy me! :D

    Just read Rihanna won Video of the Year for Umbrella at the MTV Video Awards in Las Vegas. She also won Monster Single of the Year. Is that a category or a journalist's opinion? I wouldn't know. I haven't heard it! lol!

    Must confess, I have heard a clip. It was on the evening news during the summer, when the UK was experiencing severe floods. They did a video montage of the worst areas, using the song for audio. That's how I know about the "la-la-la" bit.

    It's very strange that I haven't heard it. Ok, I don't listen to commercial radio, but you'd think I'd have heard it whilst out shopping or something at the very least, wouldn't you? But I haven't.

    I wonder when I will hear it? I wonder how I'll feel? I bet I look at my watch, to see the time, and then report back in and cry my eyes out with disappointment, being cheated of my bliss!

    Just thought - am I the only person in the world who hasn't heard it? If you haven't either, raise your hand.

    Oh dear, all the press are picking on Britney. They're using her to make the headlines, saying how awful she is. I feel so sorry for her, it's obvious she isn't well. I feel like saying to her, "Britnoy. Britnoyyyy. Look at moyyyy. Look at moyyyy, ployse, Britnoyyy. Now I've got one word to soy to you: stop it." (That last bit was just for my friend hayden_is_a_go) ; )

  • What To Do With Tracks You Love, Love, Love

    16. Aug. 2007, 20:48 von Babs_05

    It all began with Wack Wack. Where to put this so I can hear it again and again, as often as I wanted??

    Thinking cap went on... had a brainwave... build that playlist thingy that's been staring me in the face tantalisingly for ages!

    Wack Wack went straight in.

    But I need a shedload of tracks to make it work. Now what? :s

    Thinking cap went on... had a brainwave... go through Top Tracks, pick a few, and at the same time, play my Top-Rated track in my iTunes. And try and keep up! All before dinner and tonight's episode of 'House'.

    I rather like the nice little mix I'm making. Crosses every genre I like, and all tracks are those I hit 'Love' repeatedly for every time they come on.

    For my next trick, I shall be visiting your page - yes, YOURS, and nabbing whatever takes my fancy. ; )

    Can you see this? It's the selection of tracks in the playlist. There are 53 so far, but there will be plenty more. I've barely scratched the surface. In there, there's folk, rock, alt-country, proper country, electronica, ambient, world, opera, classical, contemporary instrumental, experimental all-sorts, film soundtracks, pop, disco, dance, trance, jazz (and indie, whatever that means nowadays). The criteria is they have to just utterly beautiful, or plain fun. That's it, that's all.

    I've added tracks that don't have blue or gold triangles yet. One can only live in hope and maybe they'll be here too, one day.

    Happy listening! : )
  • Stereogum Presents...OKX: A Tribute to OK Computer

    10. Jul. 2007, 18:17 von jimbecile

    (Click here. to go straight to OKX: A Tribute To OK Computer.)

    There's no way Pablo Honey or even The Bends could have prepared us for OK Computer. This isn't a new thought, but it is worth mentioning that in just over four years Radiohead graduated from "Creep" to visionary status. It's startling, too, realizing OK Computer was released a decade ago: June 16, 1997 in Europe and July 1, 1997 in the U.S. Very heavy summer listening, no?

    To celebrate the anniversary we've asked some of our favorite musicians to participate in a song-by-song OK Computer covers compilation. Indicative of the album's continued importance, each invitee jumped at the chance; the results are personal, intense, tellingly various.

    Some folks honored the original "sturdy" design. Others looked to add difference. A couple wanted to flat-out shatter. None sound like Coldplay. Because critics have written more than enough about OK Computer's influence, we also asked each contributor to write a response to their take. But first, more from the critics…

    Radiohead has spoken about attempting to overlap DJ Shadow and the Beatles on OK Computer (remember this was pre-Danger Mouse, wasn't meant so literally), but what the quintet created – existential dread, paranoia, and technophobia set to a lush, icy soundscape – has an entirely unique sound and feel, something our generation could grab onto and own. Yorke intones, "ambition makes you look very ugly" before one of "Paranoid Android"'s guitar-roar ascensions, but not here, Thom, not here… OK houses a post-everything guitar rock made fleshy and skeletal with spiraling pop arrangements, arty progressions, and complexly ingenious/uncompromising recording techniques. As those of us haunted by its melodies know, OK Computer's often as important for its sound as for what the band wanted to say. In fact, it's safe to say quite a few fans know said melodies more than the words (anyone care to belt out an acapella "Electioneering" or "Climbing the Walls"?) Regarding "The Tourist," Decemberists guitarist Chris Funk comments, "I'm sure the words are amazing and mean something, but … it's always the melody for me first and I find this one just like an attic space full of opium and air-conditioning." (This coming from someone who tours with Colin Meloy…)

    While Yorke's shimmering falsetto could likely exhale a shopping list and conjure tears (to be honest we haven't tried this yet), OK Computer's themes are equally ambitious: There's that existential dream world, a need to escape empty feelings, and a wish/dread to find transcendence beyond "a heart that's full up like a landfill, a job that slowly kills you, bruises that won't heal." As Twilight Sad drummer Mark Devine notes, "the fear of modern society [is] evident in every corner of OK Computer." All that said (and placed on infinite repeat), we embrace the irony of releasing OKX as a series of MP3's sent to us by their makers via email and enjoyed by you on a computer. Kissing might still include saliva, but putting together and playing a record no longer requires human contact. In our over-documented, blogged, reality televised, YouTube/MySpace realm – "a town where you can't smell a thing" – OK Computer's sense of vacuum-packed alienation remains presciently relevant. "Yuppies" are busy networking in "Paranoid Android"; now it's everyone (yeah, even you kid). Now more than ever we need to heed "The Tourist"'s request to slow down and look at the scenery (unless, of course, your scenery's an iPhone "touch" screen).

    Analysis aside … the record's also just flat-out beautiful. Songs can't always keep you warm, but goddamn if OK Computer doesn't usually do the trick. OKX's contributors know this: My Brightest Diamond "votes Radiohead [her] favorite band of all time"; John Vanderslice votes "Karma Police"'s bridge "the best bridge ever." Or, David Bazan recalls being "instantly moved" by "Let Down"'s "first depressed/hopeful (now classic) guitar line," adding "by the end of the second verse I was choking back tears, undone." And Cold War Kids' Nathan Willett sums it up perfectly: "OK Computer is the single most important album to be released during my youth ... it was a rite of passage … I have never had an emotional connection with an album quite like I have with this one." Hopefully some of that (or that or that) magic has made its way onto OKX. Slow down, dig in.
  • Bonnaroo videos: Wilco e The White Stripes

    18. Jun. 2007, 16:36 von dioxido

  • March Madness - Champions

    12. Mai. 2007, 15:43 von purinkle

    And the winner is...

    The Killers

    To commemorate this special event, I have created an image that you can put on your profile:

    I'll see you all on 1 March 2008 when we'll start all over again to see if any of the new bands can knock The Killers off the top.
  • March Madness - Final

    3. Mai. 2007, 7:57 von purinkle

    Finally, the final!

    Same rules as before: vote for the band you want to win and become champions of March Madness 2007.

    13. The Killers (50)
    19. Gorillaz (28)

    Here's how everyone has progressed so far:

    Voting is closed.