Video interview with Anthony Green on his new record, as well as his NEXT!

  • Video interview with Anthony Green on his new record, as well as his NEXT!

    There are very few artists who I've not enjoyed interviewing over the course of my career, but there are even fewer who I've enjoyed lobbing questions at as much as Anthony Green.

    From our first encounter with "Steven's Untitled Rock Show" at SXSW in 2006, I felt a strong affinity with him and the rest of Circa Survive. When we did a special field episode (literally!) where we gave away the SURS couch to a viewer in Pennsylvania, they were our first choice to be the final guests on Big Red in the winner's back yard. Not only did they graciously accept, but the amazing acoustic performances they provided (including the world premiere of "Miracle Sun") are among the most special things I've ever been associated professionally.

    So when Anthony came through town a few days after the release of his wonderful new album Beautiful Things, I made sure to extend an invite for a sit-down. Herewith, he discusses the arc of his solo career so far (all three albums including the gestating Young Legs), guest vocalists Chino Moreno of Deftones and Nate Ruess of fun., his tradition of January recording sessions, and his new hobby of recording and mixing tracks on the road with an iPad.

    Also, if you're a fan of visual as well as aural art, then you should consider buying a very cool print from Circa Survive's also-super-talented guitarist Colin Frangicetto! Check out and purchase his work at

    Thanks for reading, thanks for watching, and thanks for rocking!

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