iScrobbler Downloads & Requirements (Dec 1, 2008)

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    iScrobbler Downloads & Requirements (Dec 1, 2008)

    Current Stable Version (2008/10/19):
    iScrobbler 2.2.0 (Universal Binary) Requires 10.4.9+

    Changes since 2.1.x:
    Integrated support for iPhone and iPod Touch.
    Many enhancements to the Local Charts.
    Many bug fixes.

    Current Test Version: (2008/12/1):
    iScrobbler 2.2.1b1 (Universal Binary) Requires 10.4.9+


    - Regression - Podcast and track filters are working once more.
    - "My Radio" is now available for non-subscribers.
    - More Local Charts issues with DST time switch.
    - Version check no longer nags if it gets a connection error during an auto-check.

    Unsupported releases for older versions of OS X:

    iScrobbler 1.5.2 (Universal Binary) (2007/11/6)
    • OS X 10.3.9 and later
    (10.3.9 is a free upgrade to any 10.3.x version)

    iScrobbler 0.7.5 (2004/12/15)
    • OS X 10.2.0 and later

    Source code:
    semi-live SVN repository:
    svn co

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