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foosic is an automated music database and a playback statistics tracking system. While you listen to your music, the foosic client submits information about which songs you play. Together with the submissions from other users, we gather a complete database about currently existing albums, artists, compilations, and so on, as well as information about what is popular and what is not.

The database is entirely live, and like a wiki, is continously moving and updating itself according to what the users submit. So it might be wrong at any given time, but will heal itself as the correct information gets submitted again.

You can see your own statistics, and, if you allow it, let your friends see what you are listening to and what you like. You can browse the database on this site and discover new artists or albums that you didn't know about before.

It is possible to use the foosic for tagging with the help of libFooID. More features are in development such as the ability to automatically discover misspellings.

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