• ios 5.1?

    So ive been racking my brain over this most of the night and its now about to be 5am.

    so my problem seems to be that my ipod scrobbler isnt picking up any new entries in my cache when i rewrite my database and check in the preferences. itl scrobble just fine when playing from the player though.

    I doo have this plugin with the foo_dop

    when i go to rewrite database and check the console, even though i have been listening to music on my phone the console says that it imported 0 tracks via audioscrobbler.

    Im trying to find out if theres something im personally doing wrong, or could it be that audioscrobbler has problems with iphones on the newest firmware.

    thanks for the help, i really would like to get this to work, i enjoy foobar and would love to never have to use another music player again besides this one.

  • Foo_dop isn't working with iOS 5.1 : http://yuo.be/wiki/dop:start#supported_models

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    • 17. Mai. 2012, 18:48
    Revert to iOS 4.3.3 if you have SHSH blobs saved, this should solve the problem. Alternatively, you can install scrobbl from cydia to get iOS 5.x.x background scrobbling.

    Good luck.

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