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our Group Radio feature is a discovery tool for all users -- esp. those into psych (new & old), krautrock/kosmische, garage-psych, dub, global fusions, and experimental-ambient

Please note the *join condition*: If the Taste-o-Meter says that your "musical compatibility" with the group leader is Super, Very High, or High, feel free to join the station's "programming committee". Just by being a member, your top music will automatically become a part of the Group Radio playlist. No "snobbery" is involved in this inclusion/exclusion; we're just managing the group radio's focus.

So! -- come dig on our Group Radio (see below); it was the main idea behind forming the group. Our Radio is here to serve as a discovery tool and station-builder for any user -- especially those interested in styles like psychedelic (new & old), experimental, krautrock/kosmische, garage-psych, acid folk, dub, global psych/exotica, and experimental-ambient.

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