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the best damn group/tag radios on!

hello all.
here is the evil plan: the creation of a supergroup that discusses and creates tags specified for this group to renovate the radio experience.

tired of always hitting the 'next' button whenever youre listening to the radio? tired of listening to global tag radios because of all the people that just tag random things with inapropriate tags?
this group will be dedicated to working together, in harmony to the creation of tag radios that we can all listen, enjoy, and discover without the painful annoyances of nooby and careless taggers. how you may ask? read on...

basically i (we, if my members quit being lazy bumbs!) went around recruiting people that have the same artists as you and i in their charts with a few exceptions. eventually our goal is to create a group radio that has the music we like to listen to, plus some new artists here and there. id like this radio to be mostly downtempo/electronica/ instrumental/dub/and acid jazz... or anything along those lines.
THE FORUM will be used to discuss the creation of new private 'tag radios' that will be strictly for this group, thus eliminating junk tracks and artists.
MEMBERSHIP: the group is owner approval so we won't be getting a bunch of random people with various tastes. eventually, i will open it up to 'member approval' so you guys can be in charge too. its a democracy dagnamit! power to the people!
Because our goal here is to modify and better the radio experience, we expect a fair level of participation from our members. This will be helpful for getting recomendations only from people that listen to really similar artists; either directly through forums, getting to know each other, etc. etc., or indirectly through the created radios.
So join in if you like the idea, and parish in a pit of cobras if you don't!

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