What are your favourite tours?

  • What are your favourite tours?

    My favourites:

    1. The 1986/1987 World Tour (State Theatre, Sydney, Australia) June 1986
    2. Frognerparken (Oslo, Norway) August 2005
    3. Analogue (Wembley Arena, London, England) December 2005
    4. Analogue (London and Liverpool, England, Trondheim, Norway & Berlin, Germany) July and August 2006
    5. A Special Evening with Magne F, Morten Harket & Savoy (Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway and the Royal Albert Hall, London, England) May 2008

  • ANALOGUE TOUR!!!!!!!!!
    The concert in Moscow was SOMETHING!

    Hopeless is not hopeless
    Doubtful but not hopeless
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