Zombie Girl

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Gegründet am: 19. Feb. 2007
Created to gather all the zombie girl lovers, blood brains and rock & roll

ZOMBIE GIRL's viral sonic invasion will not spare any city from its creepy noises, bleeding beats, rock'n roll grooves and hypnotising witchy vocals. Crowds of rotting corpses will dance their heads off to these pumping industrial-dance tunes, mutating all graveyards of the world into mega frantic horror clubs! Flocks of crawling living dead will walk in rhythm behind the bewitching sexy prophetess of the underworld, Renee Cooper-Komor, and her slaved studio mentor, Sebastian R. Komor (ICON OF COIL fame, also known for his work in BRUDERSCHAFT, MUSCLE AND HATE, MOONITOR, etc.). With good old horror movies as a theme with a particular sense of humour in the background, their "Zombie Techno Body" music offers the perfect bridge between dark goth industrial and futuristic grooving electronics. And it's armed with an unbelievable sound power and a "zombie-fying" female magnetism that the ZOMBIE GIRL duo invites you to the ultimate dead meat party. Let ZOMBIE GIRL take a bite out of you and join the Zombie Nation now. The Dead are already walking amongst us, so the time has come for some blood, brains and. rock'n roll. This is Zombie Body Music!

www.zombie-girl.com - Official Web Site

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