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This is a Group for players and fans of the PC-game World of Padman.

Welcome to the World of Padman group!

Developed and headed by the professional cartoonist and illustrator ENTE, PadWorld Entertainment - the Team behind World of Padman (WoP) - proudly presents a FREE multi player standalone game for Windows, MacOSX and Linux that's powered by an extended Quake3-Engine based on the source of ioquake3.

WoP is the domain of ENTE's comic strip super-hero bad-boy Padman and his motley crew and their mission is to make your game with some seriously addictive fun - whatever character role you jump into or your skill level is.

Over the years maps have been revamped, bot play improved, killer-ducks kept hungry, weapons repolished, menu's redesigned and much more such as new sounds, skins, secrets, effects, and power-ups! All in all there are 13 maps: each supports up to 7 game types including WoP's unique Spray Your Color for both Free For All and Teamplay (SYC FFA/TP), Last Pad Standing (LPS) and of course Big Balloon (BB) as well as those old favourites Death Match, Team Death Match, and Tourney. Capture The Flag and Single Player gametypes are planned for the next release: WoP 2.0.

Meet scaled-up and richly detailed maps of everyday places where imaginative characters go berserk with an array of colourful plastic weaponry and power-ups and start rockin' to the Dieselkopf soundtrack, the Pad-Anthem performed by Green Sun or the great sounds by Mighty Pete and Neurological, so grab those earphones.

If you happen to visit the WoP website or forum be sure to check out Kai's mapping tutorial and the Mighty WoP Browser to see who's playing on-line. You should also check out the game-profile and the [PAD]Community on ModDB - and if you have Steam installed, you can also join us over there! ;)


Your PadWorld Entertainment Team

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