Make money with wordpress!

  • Make money with wordpress!

    Do you know how to make Money with Wordpress I google a lot to find it. I got so many resources, little bit Confused about that all. It’s really hectic.

    last night just checking my tweets i got a Short URL website and I started using the short url service to shorten my links. Then I found that they also provide the Wordpress Plug-in.

    Its really Nice. I like the idea make money with Wordpress. We just have to download its and Run on our blog. Once we install the plug-in, certain links on our Wordpress blog will be automatically converted to short url's. When someone on your Wordpress blog clicks on one of these links you will earn revenue from:

    1. Displaying interstitial ads
    2. Text ad clicks in the top frame
    3. Referral signups from referral link in the top frame
    4. Place your own ads in an adframe displayed on the destination page of shortened urls!
    5. Add text ads and interstitial ads directly to your website with our JavaScript code

    Wish this will help you to earn money with Wordpress and please suggest me some more Idea too.

    Keep Blogging start earning

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