• Dieter's Mixtape

    26. Feb. 2008, 19:15 von pfloriana

    In relation to this.
    Some notes about the songs I chose:

    SIDE A

    1. Better Than: I just love this song, it cheers me up when I am down and indulges me when I am happy;
    2. Steal My Kisses: lighthearted lovesong, incredible bass line, and more, it is the first Ben Harper song I ever listened to.
    3. Let's Get It On: not much to say, beautiful song, sometimes I imagine life itself being as straightforward and intriguing at the same time as this song is.
    4. Sledgehammer: all you do is call me, I'll be anything you need; perfection.
    5. Straight To My Heart: definitely my favourite Sting song; every time I listen to it I hear something new, maybe a little thing in between the notes, and I never get tired of it.
    6. You Can Call Me Al: I love the way Paul Simon sings his loaded verses, I feel reassured by the chorus and those keyboards don't bore me at all!
    7. Something Beautiful: sometimes a pop hitsong like this can make it to the heart of my ears, or the ears of my heart :-) and this is one of those I love to listen to when I come across it.
    8. Swimming In Your Ocean: funny, aerial and romantic.
    9. Too Young: I love Phoenix, this song is dancing alone and waving arms while dressing up or doing something else at my place.
    10. Santeria: I think Dieter mentioned this song in his journal about MY mixtape, so here it is.
    11. I'm Not Down: I love The Clash's funky songs...I've been beat up, I've been thrown out, but I'm not down!

    SIDE B:

    1. Amazing: one of the most enduring relatioship between me and a song.
    2. Bold As Love: I think no one covers Jimi Hendrix as John Mayer does, I fell in love with the song by his version.
    3. Missed the Boat: melancholy and humour.
    4. Lay Down Sally: at first I thought this song was funny, maybe even a bit ridiculous, but then I found myself listening to it over and over and I started loving it.
    5. Tiny Dancer: I didn't know this was Elton John when I first heard this song on the movie Almost Famous, I just love the scene on the bus when everybody starts to sing, and I easily fell in love with the song too.
    6. Old Man: 24 and there's so much more, live alone in a paradise that makes me think of 2...
    7. Good Love Is on the Way: heartening song, incredibly good album.
    8. Pride & Joy: this is one of the few songs that I play with my band and am not tired of listening; probably my favourite song.
    9. Tore Down House: vocals by Thelma Houston; this song is wow.
    10. Pantala Naga Pampa: at times of cassettes, I searched for short tracks to fill up space on the tape, and this was a classic; anyway it is also coherent with the rest of the tracklist.
  • a mixtape... DONE!

    6. Feb. 2008, 20:21 von starrise

    Actually I am starting to read a book. It's called "Love is a mixtape" (english version here) by Rob Sheffield. I only read the first page, which are 8 sentences so far.
    These 8 sentences are about a cassette the author found in the things he got left from his wife.

    At that point I had to stop. Cause I remember how I made Mixtapes for my car, cause I could not play CD's, or even mp3. These mixtapes all made sense. There was a reason for every song. Sometimes I did not get the sense, but either I made that mixtape, or someone else made it for me, it was made with care.

    Sooo... is anyone up for a mixtape exchange on cassette? I have no idea where to find these small things, and I hope I get them at Saturn or somewhere else.

    If you are interested, just leave a comment here. One person would be enough. If there are more, I would make pairs, depending on how many are interested.

    Deadline is Sunday 12:00pm. London time (13:00 Uhr deutsche Zeit/german time).

    Have a great week everyone!


    And here the results:

    Katha and Claudia
    Frédéric and Anika
    Cathrin and Me
    Pfloriana and Dieter

    And a proof that I did NOT cheat:

    Sorry Anika! I wrote you with two N! But only because one of my collegues has the same name, but with two N XD

    Best would be if you guys switch addresses, and talk about if you will or are able to do a tape or maybe a CD. Tape would be better though. You can also decide if you wanna send it later as data in a zip/rar file, just so you guys can listen to them on your PC or Apple.

    The other thing, as we are talking about tapes: 90 minutes of running time would be great, and a small note why you chose this song, or something else that is kind of a little personal about that song.

    Deadline to send off your Mixtape is 9th of March. If you did not get your tape, tell me, and I'll kick some arses XD

    So, a sunny Sunday to you all! :)
  • This is my band playing "Walking By Myself" by Gary Moore

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