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A music network for past and present students of the University of Oklahoma or astute fans of the indomitable Oklahoma Sooners

Now that I can lay claim to my birthright as the newest emperor of Last.FM's University of Oklahoma music group, it's about time for me to do a little bit of housekeeping here. That said, here are the newest rules and friendliest reminders as of 23 July 2008:

• Please refrain from addressing me as anything else other than Presiding Chairman Le

• Any liberal scrobbling of Katy Perry, Soulja Boy, I'm from Barcelona, Coldplay, or Devendra Banhart is strictly forbidden and will result in e-cherry bombs in your inbox (this list of artists will continue to be refined throughout my term as various artists in the underground and Top 40 annoy me)

• Any current OU students or alumni within a 20-mile radius of Norman, OK, are required to attend at least one (1) of the parties that I throw throughout the year; dates will be posted sporadically as I feel moved to get inebriated and dance with a large number of strangers

• Likewise, I will be periodically sending out messages to update you all on the hottest acts coming through the OKC area. Any of you interested to join me - which should usually be all of you, given my great taste in music - will assemble at my apartment at the Alpha Sig Greens 4303 southeast of campus precisely one hour before doors open

• You are strongly encouraged (read: this is mandatory) to bring gifts each and every time

• Any free pizza handed out in the middle of the South Oval is to be immediately delivered to my palace

• Texas still sucks

• We the Best™

I hope you all enjoy your tenure here, and if you need your emperor to improve the quality of either your college experiences or music tastes in any way...don't hesitate to ask!

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