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Gegründet am: 12. Apr. 2006
Underground Unites Here From Bangladesh And Beyond!

" In Extremity We Trust "

Related Genres:
+ Metal
+ Progressive
+ Psychedelic
+ Punk

Conditions Apply:...

Welcome To Underground United: The Realm Of Underground Music And The World That Is True! If You Believe In The True Spirit Of 'Underground Music', Then You Belong Here! Your Comments, Criticisms, Suggestions and Supports Are Always Welcomed.

Group Notice

> Please do not apply if you have no clue about these genres: Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Progressive Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Doom Metal and their sub-genres. Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock are also essential.

> We despise wiggers, but not those who has more mature music taste which may include other non-metal genres [eg: see Related Genres].

> Please dont join this group if you have Emocore, Hardcore, Metalcore or similar [Faggothcore] sort of bands in your list.

> Hail to all those who have already joined the group and participated in it. If you have any suggestions just let us know, we'll try our best to consider it. Always keep it Extreme and Spread the Chaos!

> Recently We've kicked out a few users and banned a couple of them for not conforming to the musical taste which is strictly required in this group. Your cooperation in this regard shall get due respect. Thanks.

> If you want to experience the Sounds of The Underground, we MAY excuse what you have on your list; but to do that please send a PM to the Group Leader.

" In Extremity We Trust "

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