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The Leading Trance Portal

The idea behind this website it`s to promote well known artists / Djs / producers worldwide, and not only, adding news about Trance wave around the globe, more than that, the website will be a new portal, opening new doors for all listeners, people that love Trance (all types) music and not only, people that love electronic music. For all these people around the world, there is

If you are a music professional, is the place to network with fellow industry professionals in the Electronic Dance Music genres. This website provides a social platform that can assist you in collaborating on ventures and projects with other artists.

Responsibilities in relation to the Music Industry include managing content, journalism, publicist, artist interviews, contests, promotion, album/party reviews, scouting talent, photography, public relations, marketing, advertising, scheduling and broadcasting guest DJ's for the weekly shw called TranceSound Session and also the annual event called TranceSound Festival aired/broadcasted on several radio stations such as 1Mix, Pure FM, Lazer FM (ex former ODU FM), PureSound, and other FM radio stations around the world.

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