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Welcome to Trance Harmony! We hope you enjoy these artists' work and discover the ones you might have missed. This is a group for the true seekers and lovers of beautiful music known as trance.

What was trance meant to sound like and what has it become today? Who is your favorite trance act? Do you think the DJ top 100 is all there is or do you seek out above and beyond those charts that are given to you? If you do, we welcome you.

This group is for those unsung heroes who no longer releasing music but will always be remembered (Terra Ferma, Age Of Love, Photon Project), or still active in some form (Audioplacid, Dominion, Transa), one hit wonders (Nitromethane, Rikki De Clerck), but have produced wonderful melodies in the past that we still cherish today. This group is also for past superstars, duos, and groups who were once at the forefront of the trance scene and have contributed immensely to the trance sound (Vincent de Moor, Lost Witness, Solar Stone). We are here to appreciate them and remember them.

Even though this group is mostly related to the trance genre, we have connected a few artists who represent other genres but are related to trance in some way ~ Balligomingo, Achillea, Olive...

For this or that reason, most of these artists are not very well-known. Perhaps this is due to the time when they produced music - before the advent of online distribution, before, itunes, or other music portals. But perhaps this is exactly what makes their music exquisite and worth spending months or even years hunting after? Every single artist that's here is here for a reason - something about their music helps us remember that time from our lives. We're here to say they might be underrated but not forgotten. Our group spans the entire timeline of trance starting from early 90's, but carefully zooming in to melodic trance tunes produced during 1998-2003. (We are planning on creating another group connecting more recent trance artists). We are glad to take recommendations for more artist connections as well. So, if you agree that there is something different, something special about the trance of this era, if this is kind of trance you've come to love and cherish, join us!

We are aware that most of the connected artists have only released singles and one or two full-length albums at best (we can't even find pictures for most of them!). This doesn't mean their contribution to trance is small, all it takes sometimes is a few great releases to forever etch your name in the plate of musical history as is the case of Gouryella. Our charts now might not fully reflect our true love and appreciation for them, but do you remember when you first got your hands on the tune you loved and had it on repeat for days? I know I did.

There's also a problem when it comes to multiple artist that share the same name, for example: Amethyst, Ascension, Beam... For those reasons we have refrained from connecting those artist to the group to keep the group radio clean, but will definitely post their streamable or downloadable tracks here when we find them.

This is in no way an elitist group - there is no owner approval needed, and it's open to both trance experts and those who are new to trance and want to discover great music.

Some of these artist have free downloads available and we'll keep updating the group when we find more.

To buy and download music in high quality mp3 / wav formats check out these sites:

Juno Download

This way you'll find high quality music for a reasonable price without having to purchase a CD, pay for shipping, etc. However, finding full discographies of these guys might be a tough task since many of their labels have shut down thus taking the copyright of these lost classics with them.

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Artist of the Month

Mathias Herbst (Audioplacid) is a trance producer from Bavaria who has been creating trance gems since 1999. You have probably heard of the driving "Nevada," as well as a couple of his remixes, such as wonderfully ethereal "With Love" by E-Nature, and progressive "Mindlessness" by Buro.

There are a few full tracks available to download from his site:

And 3 of his new releases are available on Audiojelly:

Audioplacid's Myspace:

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