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Tommy Joe Ratliff is the bassist of Adam Lambert's band.

Tommy Joe Ratliff was born October 18, 1981 (Libra, year of the Rooster), and plays guitar and bass. He grew up in California and started playing for bands in the Burbank and Los Angeles area (such as Clown X, Sad Story) before joining Turn Of The Screw in 2002, replacing their original guitarist. The band's influences ranged from Alice In Chains and Incubus to Meshuggah and Blindside.

In March 2007, Turn Of The Screw went on indefinite hiatus, allowing Tommy to be recruited to join Eat The Crow. According to Eat The Crow's singer, Thomas: "I knew Tommy from a previous band, and I knew right away that it had to be him filling the 2nd guitar position. With his bluesy influences, his precision, his feel for melody, and not to mention his devilish good looks, we knew that he would create the perfect balance."

With Tommy's help, Thomas found a drummer and bassist to complete the band, and in fall 2008 began writing and recording for their first full length album, Sessions.

However, despite the enthusiasm the band had, circumstances out of their control required them to take an indefinite hiatus in May 2009. They completed and released their album, but are not currently working on any new material.

He played guitar with the local Burbank alternative band Exit Music during the course of 2009 after Eat The Crow disbanded. They have eight songs on their myspace page, and list influences such as Interpol, Tim Burton, and Silverchair. They sound similar to a more modern Echo and the Bunnymen. The following pics of Tommy with Exit Music were taken in October 2009.

It was mid 2009 when Tommy first saw Adam Lambert on American Idol, at the insistence of his cousin. She compared Adam to Jeff Buckley, knowing Tommy was already a huge Buckley fan. He saw Ring of Fire and was blown away by Adam's talent. He got a call to audition for Adam's live band in November 2009.

Tommy gained national attention when Adam kissed him on live television during a performance of his debut single "For Your Entertainment," and has been on the media radar ever since. Says Adam about the impromptu kiss, "I guess he didn't mind getting kissed in the name of entertainment."

Aside from Jeff Buckley, some of Tommy's favorite artists are Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Imogen Heap. This is just a small sample of his wide range in musical taste.

It shouldn't be surprising to learn that Tommy quite favors horror movies, after seeing the tattoo sleeve of classic horror villains he's sporting (Freddy Krueger, Jason, Michael Myers from Halloween, and Bela Lugosi as Dracula). Some other favorites include westerns like Tombstone, The Good The Bad And The Ugly, and A Fistful Of Dollars, as well as cult classics like Velvet Goldmine, Fight Club and Pulp Fiction.

Tommy and the band played their first full length concert with Adam on New Years Eve 2009 in Los Angeles, and are tentatively preparing for a Spring 2010 tour.

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