• Kylie - X album review

    30. Nov. 2007, 6:30 von tjvalerio

    Kylie Minogue

    I really love Kylie's X. The long wait was so worth it.

    2 Hearts - first single off the album. Risky release that had fans and listeners and divided. Still, a fresh and experimental sound for Kylie. I still would choose this as the 1st single to launch x. 8/10

    Like A Drug - the generic electro-pop dance track that can fit in any of Kylie's Parlophone releases. Fun and bouncy. 7/10

    In My Arms - the first song that really caught my attention. Nice synths, flirty lyrics and very 80's sounding. One of my faves off the album 10/10

    Speakerphone - Another highlight of the album with quirky lyrics and the unmistakable production of Bloodshy and Avant. This could be a cousin of Britney's 'Piece of Me' only silly, fun and pretentious. I really love the bones lyrics. 10/10

    Sensitized - A song that I still haven't warmed up to now. There's too much going on but the Bonnie/Clyde sample works well. Can see this fitting on Madonna's Erotica/Bedtime Stories album. 5/10

    Heart Beat Rock - I actually like this song, the bass line, this is something that US radio would eat up and sounds like a Justin Timberlake FS/LS song. 7/10

    The One - One of the token dance tracks that borrows from the 80's and Biff's production.The lyrics are a bit repetitive but the arrangement is sublime and so trancy. 7/10

    No More Rain - cute song that Kylie had to 'fight' for to be in the album. Sweet and hopeful, not quite dance and not quite a slow song. 7/10

    All I See - another fave of mine. This sound is fresh and bit of R&B. I'm so happy she included this track. Very easy on the ears, relaxing, sexy and I love the way she pronounces "you". 10/10

    Stars - my ultimate favorite off the album. I don't know why this song is overlooked by listeners. The lyrics are meaningful, the guitar work is very good and the song is very to drive along to. Similar to Kylie's 'I'm So High'. 100/10

    Wow - basically Holiday + Public Affair + Love At First Sight. Good song 9/10

    Nu-Di-Ty - hmmm a Justin Timberlake reject? The song has it's ups and downs but still leaves me wanting more. 6/10

    Cosmic - the ballad of the album. Kylie's cancer struggle are hidden in its lyrics. While ballads are not Kylie's strengths I think this song still closes the album properly. the production could have been stripped down with an acoustic guitar or grandiose with strings and not half-baked like this one. 6.5/10
  • Tiffany on Tyra today (May 3, 2007)!

    2. Mai. 2007, 15:28 von quierosersanta


    According to Tiffany's website (www.tiffanymusicsite.com, she will be appearing along w/ other stars of VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club" on the Tyra Banks show. Check your local listings for times.
  • Tiffany to perform new songs from her new album April 12 (Santa Monica, CA)

    28. Mär. 2007, 17:40 von quierosersanta

    Tiffany @ 14 Below April 12, 2007 (Santa Monica, CA)

    Please not that Tiffany will no longer be appearing