fun/excitable todd smith experiences?

  • fun/excitable todd smith experiences?

    anyone have any good times with the man himself?

    i only got to meet/hang-wiff-mister-smiff once, it was in springfield, virginia at jaxx nightclub, after their polkadot cadaver/nicholas megalis show a month or so ago (a couple days after the DFD reunion show in baltimore @ ottobar) and i was at the bar after all the bands where done playing and the bartender said 'some idiot still has paid his tab, he's probably trying to run off without paying because he was pretty wasted...but the moron left his ID here...some...'Todd Smith' guy' and after contemplating for half a second to pretend to claim and be todd to try and get his license i thought better of offering to pay THAT i waited for him to inevitably come up to the bar to pay (i was hoping to talk with him after the show but he retreated backstage >_<)

    anyways he finally came up and we drank and talked together for an hour or so...and he kept trying to pick up the bartenders...his best pick-up line (and maybe actually the best pick up line...ever) was " have a boyfriend...does he have a big dick though?" and the girl says "yeah" and todd looks down at his feet...disappointing and then looks up and says "...well how about trying out being with a white guy...?" and points to me and him.

    the other highlight was when he went to the bathroom to piss and some big buff dude comes up to the bar, demanding of the bartender "where the fuck is that singer from the last shitty band that played...he fucking slapped my girfriend's ass, i'm gonna kick his ass" and then a few seconds when todd came out of the bathroom door i yelled "TODD! quick do a yawn and sidestep away from the bar!" which counter-effectively notified the angry boyfriend that todd was there...but in todd's defense when he saw the dude give him that look and the fact that he was standing with the girl who he molested...he DID THEN do the yawn and try to sidestep away...failing horribly. but they settled it with words and no violence was todd smiths were harmed during this scene.

    those were the ended with me asking to hug the retard, which did evoke snort laughs on both our behalfs.

    anyone else have some good ones? do share.

    • Zach216 schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 1. Okt. 2009, 6:48
    Todd's just a really funny person to be around. I've yet to really talk to him in depth because honestly I'm pretty new to his music. I just love Knives Out, El Creepo and was really into The Alter Boys for awhile. So I haven't heard much of his "main" bands... anyways I always go down to Baltimore to see Knives play cause I'm good friends with Maxwell (and Sickles too)... Todd and Jasan always let me stay at their place cause it's big and a bunch of people live there so there's plenty of room...

    Todd's usually drinking his whiskey and saying funny shit all the time. Once while wasted he told me to go hit on his girlfriend, another time some gigantic black dude was being a total asshole and giving everyone shit about leaving the club we were at (Ottobar) and Todd didn't avoid the confrontation haha.

    All in all a really nice dude who I hope to become more acquainted with soon. Definitely is super talented... him teaming up with Tom and those guys for this Knives Out project has me so excited for when that finally drops. This El Creepo album is one of my favorites of the year, I had a feeling I was really gonna dig it.

  • yeah i wish i could see the baltimore shows more often...i saw the dog fashion disco reunion and a polkadot cadaver show at the ottobar...but i live in dc and don't have a vehicle so its hard to get all the way out there and back after the concert. least i think it is....

    • Zach216 schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 6. Jul. 2010, 19:28

    Faith No More

    We went to the Faith No More show together along with another friend, the shit was awesome!

  • lucky fucker :(

    • Zach216 schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 28. Okt. 2010, 8:13

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