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The obscure, the elite; holder of the secret doctrines and speaker to the animal spirits: AmeriKan Blackk TerroristiK Heavy Metal Masters: TJOLGTJAR.

Tjolgtjar IS Rev. Preston: mastermind of modern satanic ritual abuse and black heavy metal bands Tjolgtjar and Blood Cult, NESBM band Xexyz and psychobilly country rocker band Prairieland Rebels.

Q: Are the band/album/song titles in a nonsense language?
A: No, they have meaning. They are easier to pronounce when you realize that Js and Gs are silent.

Q: Is this band a joke?
A: Tjolgtjar, Blood Cult and the related bands are not joke bands. The Rev has a playful sense of humor and enjoys mixing whimsy with the most heinous evil (this entices the innocent down the path to the Dark Side).

Q: What is the Church of Tjolgtjar all about?
A: It wouldn't be occult elite secret doctrine if it was easy to find out about.

Q: Are you Rev. Pres, is this an official page?
A: I'm just a fanatic and well-wisher.

Whatever, FOAD.

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