The deepest Black Metal Underground

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For all those who enjoy Black Metal which is arisen from the deepest dephts of the Black Metal underground.

If you listen to othere genres except of Black Metal you're not necessarily wrong here. The most important thing is that you have underground Black Metal in your top ten. I'm in favour of listening not only to BM but if I find pop, techno or other commercial rip-off gayshit in your charts I won't accept you.

If you like any of the connected Bands you are right here. We also want to discuss/support nearly unknown BM-Bands from all over the world who do a good job.

This is a group for discussions about Music, not about ideologies or beliefs.

Feel free to join the group if you make the grade.

Blood of Kingu - You Blood Nubia, you Power, Eqypt!
(Ukrainan "shamanic" Black Metal in Hate Forest / Drudkh style)

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