Forget The Night Ahead

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    • 16. Jun. 2009, 0:22

    Forget The Night Ahead

    01. Reflection Of The Television
    02. I Became A Prostitute
    03. Seven Years Of Letters
    04. Made To Disappear
    05. Scissors
    06. The Room
    07. That Birthday Present
    08. Floorboards Under The Bed
    09. Interrupted
    10. The Neighbours Can't Breathe (aka Untitled 28)
    11. At The Burnside

    Forget the Night Ahead will be released on September 22 (US/Canada) and October 5th (Europe).

    Opening track Reflection of the Television was released as a free "teaser" download. Download it here

    The second track I Became a Prostitute will be the first proper single. Will be released as a 7" and digital download, including a b-side titled "In the Blackout", on August 5th. Stream both songs here

    Some weeks ago they did an acoustic performance of another new song: Made to Disappear. And it sounded absolutely brilliant! Watch it here, if you haven't

    That's all for now. Let's start getting excited accordingly. :)

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    • 8. Aug. 2009, 0:33
    I can't wait til September. I want it now. Now damnit!

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    • 15. Aug. 2009, 4:06
    I am doing my best by checking on fat cat's album page every week. They usually start streaming their albums at least a month in advanced so who knows. The -1 month mark starts next week. So keep an eye out!

    They'll be releasing another single Seven Years of Letters on Oct 19th (UK). The b-side will be a yet-to-disclosed cover song.

    In the meantime, I Became A Prostitute lyrics and universal video and download of their T in The Park set (last three songs). I've been posting these updates on their shoutbox. To cut the middle man.

    By the way, I was designated "news person" by champers, just to let you all know. If she denies it, she must had been sleepwalking when she messaged me. (:þ)

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    • 1. Sep. 2009, 21:37
    Ordered my copy in pre-order. Hope it will arrive soon 'cause I can't wait any longer;-)

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    • 2. Sep. 2009, 0:43
    For those who have not been filled in: Forget The Night Ahead is streaming at Fat Cat's site.

    The b-side of the Seven Years of Letters single will be a cover of The Wedding Present - Suck. You can stream both songs at Fat Cat as well.

    The Room will follow it sometime after, I guess early 2010. The Room = Untitled #27.

    They just did an interview with The Skinny where they talk about the album and some other stuff.

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    • 26. Sep. 2009, 19:22


    I posted a link to this in the shoutbox but it goes away really fast these days. With all the new album excitement/bitching.

    Made to disappear

    Seven Years of Letters

    Cold Days From The Birdhouse

    I'm Taking the Train Home

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    • 4. Dez. 2009, 1:32

    Seven Years of Letters

    Weeeeeeeeeks ago, they did a great acoustic session for You can watch the videos and download the mp3s

    There was also a very interesting in-depth interview with John Norris (yes, the same one who used to be on MTV!) and performances for Noisevox.

    And they did a radio session for BBC6 radio. You can download the songs thanks to the always useful peenko

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    • 4. Feb. 2010, 1:05


    For the people in Europe, The Room single will be released on March 15. The b-side will be an acoustic version of The Neighbours Can't Breathe.

    The TV show "We Have Signal" filmed the band at the Bottletree in Alabama. You can watch it online. The sound is really good.

    Aside from that, they've been hiding in a cave for about two months, as far as I know.

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    • 11. Mär. 2010, 2:13

    The Room video was directed by Nicola Collins and features David Lynch's granddaughter in the starring role(!)

    They also started a blog that - get this - is actually updated.

    Sadly, the first post of the blog were bad news, as Orzel had left the band

    They already have some live replacement, but there are no new official members. For the time being, they are a trio.

  • Just have ordered The Room. And my bag finally arrived today. I wanna Twilight Sad all around my living area. Would that bring kind of depression, I wonder.... :-P

    P.S. Orzell shall be missed.

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