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We are the Kvlt Police. If you would like to be a member, you must first be approved.

Here are the ten commandments of the Kvlt Police.

1. Thou shalt not listen to nu-metal unless the band is otherwise accepted by the Kvlt Police.

2. Trivium is a joke band, because Matt Heafy wants to ride bike. If you don't know what I mean, then you are automatically disqualified.

3. Thou must listen to Black Metal and it must be one of your top 2 favourite types of metal.

4. The Kvlt Police rox0rz. You do not. That is FINAL. There are exceptions for those who are in the Kvlt Police and those named Odin, Thor, or any other Viking God.

5. You must be able to fall asleep listening to Cryptopsy.

6. When thou sees a forum topic (inside or outside of the Kvlt Police group) praising any band that is banned from the Kvlt Police, it is immediately declared a joke topic and is now about trains.

7. If you see a person that posts in any metal forum for the first time and speaks of bands that are banned by the kvlt police, help them out. If they make fun of the bands you recommend, troll them to death.

8. We all wear Viking helmets on a regular basis.

9. If GWAR ever stays the night at your house, it is in your best interests to not let the lead singer sleep in bed with you.

10. You will play your metal music loudly every chance you get. It doesn't matter if it is in a McDonald's drive-thru or a police encounter.

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